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61 thoughts on “Welcome to the TVSN Blog!


    I’ve heard a whisper that ‘The Purist Co’ – Alchemy and Akin – are returning to TVSN. Can you please confirm this for everyone and give us an approximate date.

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for your question! We have no shows scheduled in the immediate future, however we have passed on your comment to our buyers and we will advise if this changes in the future!

      1. There are shows scheduled for March 24 and 25 – I just saw them on the March Guide online.


    There have been no Balanced Essentials shows for months. Can you please tell us honestly what is going on? When will the next show – or should I say segment – be aired?

    1. Hi Jenny, we still have the Balanced Essentials range available on our website. We don’t have any shows scheduled at the moment but we are working hard with the supplier behind the scenes and hope to see the range back on air in the future.

      1. I get the whole issue re free to air altering broadcasting standards for the TGA approved products TVSN sells. BUT – WHY NOT HAVE SHOWS FOR THE NON TGA APPROVED PRODUCTS?????INSTEAD TVSN OPTS TO REMOVE THE ENTIRE RANGE FROM AIR – I DON’T GET IT!!!!! Can’t you do a prerecorded BC, TSO, OR A WHAT’S HOT for BE – that would be a nice short script to submit to ASMI for approval.


    We often hear during beauty shows the words ‘safe’ and ‘no nasties’ – can you please explain what that really means. It certainly does not mean no petrochemicals – or no parabens – because the products contain them. To me ‘safe’ and ‘no nasties’ means petrochemical/paraben free – it’s open to interpretation I guess. It will be interesting to see what others blog as their thoughts on what they consider ‘safe’ and ‘no nasties’ to be.

    1. Agree completely. I wrote a review once pointing out that the Pur Minerals foaming cleanser I bought, that was supposed to contain “no nasties” in fact contained sulphates, which is about as nasty as you can get! The review was not published.

      1. I second that, I was bitterly disappointed that the mineral glow contains parabens – to say there are no nasties is false advertising!

    2. Hi Jenny, all words are relative and open to interpretation, ‘safe’ and ‘no nasties’ means the supplier has gone to the trouble of choosing ingredient options that are as ‘safe’ as possible within formulation constraints and safer than many comparative products.

      1. Thanks for your reply. Given as you said ‘words are relative and open to interpretation’ – how about not using the words ‘safe’ and ‘no nasties’. Especially given the fact customers are being disappointed when items arrive that they were told were ‘safe’ and ‘free of nasties’ – but they consider they aren’t due to the high percentages of petrochemicals, or the use of parabens, etc.
        Also we hear certain skin care guests discuss the fact they don’t use this or that ingredient – and the reasons why. Such as SLS for example being used commercially as an engine degreaser – yet other brands you sell as ‘safe’ and ‘free of nasties’ will use SLS as the number two ingredient after water in a product (meaning it makes up the second highest percentage of the product).

        It’s inconsistent to have certain brands bagging out (and rightly so) certain ingredients – yet others use them and claim the product is ‘safe’ and ‘free of nasties’. PLEASE BE CONSISTENT. I thought your stringent QA would be more on top of this….. You can’t keep moving the goal posts so you get a goal (sales). Decide on a standard and stick with it…..

        I really feel you should include ‘full ingredients lists’ for each and every beauty product you sell. Then we customers can be fully informed about what’s really in the products.

        And if you do nothing else – then at least in future when the presenters use the words ‘safe’ an ‘free of nasties’ – at least provide an on screen graphic of what TVSN considers that to be – ie the text you have provided here.

      2. Hi Jenny, thanks for your comment. We love the idea of including ingredients lists for products and are looking at providing these in the future so customers can make up their own minds. In the mean time, should you wish to receive ingredient lists for any specific product please contact our Customer Care team.


    TVSN recently changed their invoices – this alteration also affected the ‘Return Label’ – the layout of which Australia Post obviously found very confusing – because numerous customers had their returns delivered back to them. Meaning another trip to the post office – standing in the queue for ages to return the items yet again – are TVSN going to fix this problem??

    1. The same thing happened to me also. I was a bit confused as to why my parcel had returned to me until I realised what happened. Lol!

    2. i have just been using the return label from the old style invoices, so if you can find any lying around I recommend using them.

      1. I had the same problem.When I ran out of the old style invoices I have been cutting off the return label and sticking it on the back.I was also advised to underline or write TO boldly.I wish TVSN would go back to sticky labels,much easier to reuse plastic pouches


      On Jan 24 they posted: A huge congratulations to our gorgeous presenter Justine, who gave birth to daughter Scarlett yesterday at 5pm. Both Justine and Scarlett are doing well. We can’t wait to meet her!


    I would love to see a marriage between the two most prestigious jewellery brands (IMO anyway) at TVSN – that is Matahina pearls and Zultanite. I can just imagine a Zultanite pendant with an enhancer dangling from a stunning strand of Matahina pearls. And a pair of earrings with a pearl drop and a small single Zultanite stone set above it – similar to the previous pieces we have seen set with Peridot, etc. What does everyone else think?

      1. I am not really sure. I was watching her on tv in the UK and she just said she was very tired and needed to take a a timeout with her family. Yes it is a shame to see her go she was very informative.

  6. What happened with the Mirenesse gel eye shadow in the black? Haven’t seen it in a long time and hope Irene will bring it this time. Looking forward to, since It is my favourite.


    Just thought I might use the blog to request the return of a few jewellery ranges. What would everyone else like to see return?

    Clair de Lune – stunning gold range inlaid with mother of pearl and diamonds

    Carlo Viana – gold and gemstone jewellery – expensive but truly stunning designs

    Dalia (Brooks) – a more casual silver range set with gemstones

  8. I have received the Feb.shoppers guide so that evens out not getting for Jan.And their are some great shows today and coming up.Pleased to see Ali back after having the bub looking beautiful.Also love Susie she always makes it fun & can talk a 100 miles an hour plus she makes me laugh.

  9. Hi there TVSN team. I’ve been shopping with you guys for many years, and not only is your customer service team one of the best out there, but shipping is also very prompt. Just a suggestion/query – is it possible for the tracking number of our parcels to be made available for us to view? I know that we are able to view the date of dispatch of our parcels in our account (which is great & is more than some other companies do!), but I would love if the tracking number was there somewhere so that we could be more certain of the delivery day. Thanks.

    1. Hi Sophie, thanks for your feedback! At the moment we do not provide tracking numbers, however we will pass this on to our Operations Team for consideration and will let you know if we can provide this in the future!

  10. A big congrats to Ali Mutch on the birth of Phoenix – she is a great presenter and so down to earth – good to see her back!

  11. I hear Cheryl from Balanced Essentials is developing a skin care range – I hope TVSN will be stocking it. I have searched everywhere for a range I consider to be ‘safe and free of nasties’. TVSN has nothing I will use at present except for the BE Lite Lotion and the BE Vital and Amies’s Omega 7 capsules. Both are range I could not live without….

  12. I tried to order something from TVSN today and was enquiring about the availability. The rep said it was unavailable and I told him on the website it says it is available. He said he would check and then hung up. I then rang back and got the same person again and told them we got cut off and he hung up again. I got distressed and I was recently in hospital with suspected Angina just 2 days ago. I am now afraid of placing an order as this person may tamper with or do something to my order to cause me problems. This person’s reaction was unstable and I feel unsafe ordering yet I need the item for my health.

    1. This reply is for Marllyn. When TVSN began broadcasting free-to-air the regulations under which they broadcast changed. In a nutshell TGA approved products – which include Pharma Botanica – no longer have hour long shows. The reason being – a script for these shows must be submitted for approval to ASMI and a fee paid. It would be impossible to script an entire 60 minute show and obscenely expensive if they could. PB now sometimes air their products as short segments between shows (easy to script and not to expensive to gain approval).

  13. Hi we ordered a Philips Airfryer on the 31/1/14 to date it has been a no show, we have called every few days only to be told different stories Nz customs have it, it will be realised in 48 hours, after checking with all the NZ carriers and NZ customs we have found it is still in AU.You would think if they are going to tell stories they would take the time to make sure it is correct.
    We will never again buy from TVSN looks like we will have to take this to Fairgo.

  14. Hi, can you tell me when Isomers is coming back on air? I purchased some products at the begining of the year and have been very happy with the results!!

  15. HI
    Everybody wants my calls and money when im buying but in regards to a refund!? Nobody has any answers… very upset that its taking so long to refund a credit card when the product was never even sent to me?
    If its not back in there in 45 minutes i will miss a great chance job interview
    Dissapointed TVSN

  16. Just go an order yesterday and my white shirt was missing ? I also ordered the same shiet in black.The black one was in the box with other items but interestingly on the order form the shirt which should have been my white shirt did not say the colour .My order number is 92299301.Your service has always been fantastic but could you find out what happened ? I also ordered some more clothing last night so maybe you could pop the White shirt in with these items .Thank you

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