We want you!

We love hearing about our customers, things you love and the interesting stories you have to tell. We would like to share your stories and highlight some of our loyal customers with our Customer Profile.

What makes you a loyal TVSN customer, and why should we feature you on our blog? Send us an email at blog@tvsn.com.au and tell us about yourself. How long have you been a TVSN customer? What are your favourite brands/products? Tell us all about you and your story! Our favourite submission will be featured on the blog next week, and will receive a special goodie pack!

7 thoughts on “We want you!

  1. I bought my first item from TVSN 12 years ago, it was a beautiful crystal platter.
    It was a 21st gift for a dear friend, and only a couple of months ago I attended a party at my friends mothers house and what should be sitting proudly on the table but the crystal platter. The platter still looks as good as the day I received it and my friend treasures it.

  2. Hi I have been a customer for the last 5 years.
    Lock and lock is my very favourite product they are so reliable and such great quality.

  3. Hi TVSN. I have been a loyal customer since the beginning, I think 17 years? My first order was a little Humpty Dumpty money box and I still have it. I have since purchased fashion, kitchen wear, manchester, beauty products etc etc……what can I tell you, I love TVSN, the presenters, the quality and sheer convenience of it all, the fact that I don’t have to head to those busy, noisy shopping centres unless I’m meeting friends or absolutely have to go for other things such as food……
    Thanks TVSN!!

  4. I have been a loyal TVSN family member for around 10 years the reason why I love, love,love shopping with TVSN is that if your not 100% happy with your purchase you can send it back no ??????asked.Where do I start with products that have changed my life…Laura star, Oscar juicer,lock &lock,pur minerals,elixia,the 8 family skincare not to mention Alpha H,Skinn,slow cooker,egyptian
    cotton bed sheetss,oh not to forget my breakie with Wheyless,then I come home from work to my vibration platform to destress…

  5. The lovely Cecelia told me I would love Diamonesque and feel like a million dollars when I wore it…and I did, it was a small three stone ring that I will never part with…that was about 13,14,15 years ago…and I went on to buy much bigger and blingyier rings…thanks TVSN

  6. I have been in the tvsn family since 2008, Wow !!!!!!!! What a great way to shop! Best products, Best prices, Best presenters and wonderful call centre staff. I love Michael vallittuti 🙂 and his jewlery . I have so many of his pieces I would’nt know what to brag about first Lol. Most of the products tvsn has,I have purchased 🙂 Shhhhh…… and the quality is better than I could ever explain. Now my friends are shopping with tvsn too!!!!!! I told them a long time ago that everything is great, but the skin care I use from tvsn is so fantastic ! My friends said, Maria you are always wearing stunning shoes, jewlery and your skin is looking younger and younger I said , YET AGAIN !!, TVSN GIRLS !!! Now they too belong to the tvsn family. They are now happier shoppers just like Me…….. 🙂

  7. I do love TVSN & I constantly recommend it to friends & acquaintances. I would like to comment on Carla Oates’ Glow which I received & tried both yesterday and this morning. I will continue to use it until I finish the tubs … BECAUSE of the promises made as to the value of the ingredients. However, I am quite disappointed by the taste of it so I will use it as a once a day medication. I can’t at this stage say that I would recommend it.

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