A day in the life of… Wendy – Senior Fashion Buyer

Ever wondered what goes on behind-the-scenes at TVSN? We’ll be introducing you to our amazing teams from all departments but lets start with the people that help bring you the products you love each and every day, our buyers! Beginning with one of our most popular departments – Fashion – here’s a day in the life of Wendy, our Senior Fashion Buyer.

Wendy HeadshotBIO – I studied Textile Design at Chelsea Art School in London before joining a well known fashion group in the UK as a Trainee Fashion Buyer. After several years buying for UK retailers I moved to Australia and joined TVSN 9 years ago!

A normal work day (if you can call it that!)

6am – No need for an alarm clock ever since my son Arthur was born 2 years ago! Mornings can be a bit chaotic with myself, hubbie and Arthur all getting ready for work and daycare. Arthur is usually happy playing whilst we organise breakfast and get ready for the day ahead.

8am – Arrive at work and check any emails from the morning or day before. Usually I receive between 100-300 emails a day to either note or respond to so this takes up a fair part of my days work. These can be anything from new supplier queries, customer queries, checking up on deliveries, internal appointment requests and general admin notices.

Wendy Action

9am – Check sales and shows from the day before to see what sold well. I look ahead at the shows coming up for the rest of the week and check they are all complete and prices are correct and stock has been received. I also plan upcoming shows with our producers.

10am – Meetings! Depending on what day of the week it is it could be a general Category Managers meeting where all the buyers meet to discuss what’s coming up, or a Programming Planning Session where we plan the schedule for 2 months ahead. We could have a creative meeting about the Fashion Set for the next month or Shoppers Guide meetings to discuss what brands we want to promote and what exciting pieces we can feature!

11am – Back to my desk to check emails and sales before meeting and greeting a guest for a show that is airing at 12.30. We meet with the producer and presenter to discuss the show and then I might talk to the guest about any upcoming new products and offers for future shows.

12pm – Lunch, usually at my desk(!) whilst looking at a new range for the following season. The majority of the fashion ranges at TVSN are bought 6 months ahead so I am currently working on Summer 2013. I buy approximately 45 labels so this takes up a large amount of my day when in “buying season” and it can be extremely hectic. Most suppliers show in a 4-6 week period so you can’t really see my desk at this time of year!

1pm – Mothers Day Catalogue meeting – We discuss looks and colours and how they might be photographed for the catalogue. The timeline is a few months out so we have already organised samples to come in from suppliers in advance and can then decide what pieces are going to work well together.

Wendy and Arthur

2pm – Leave the office to visit suppliers. I see approximately 45 labels 3 or 4 times a year (not including new labels) so I am out of the office at least once or twice a week. Luckily some suppliers carry a few labels so I can see up to 8 labels a day when I have to. Sourcing new and interesting products to air on TVSN is the most essential and enjoyable part of my job. After seeing these labels I have to write an order and plan when it will come in so it sits well with everything else I buy. Most labels work well in advance but a handful work close to the season so some days I am working on an order for 6 months time and then one for next month so it can be a juggling act!

5.30pm – Pick Arthur up from daycare and head back home for dinner. This is the best part of the day spending time with my little man before bath and bed and a glass of wine with hubby! Phew!

Do you think Wendy’s job sounds amazing? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think! What’s your favourite department and who do you want us to profile next?

2 thoughts on “A day in the life of… Wendy – Senior Fashion Buyer

  1. wow busy lady.

    As a longtime customer of TVSN I have seen the fashion evolve and some fashion brands I really like and a good range of sizes.

    I would love to see the Accessories dept.

  2. My favorite brands are: 7 Sisters, Kaftan, Cafe Latte, Personelle, Picadilly, Threadz, Philosophy, Jersey Girl and RTM. I get lots of comments when I am out. TVSN prices are cheaper than the retail shops. Thank you to Wendy for these brands.

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