Introducing Melissa

We’ve started introducing you to our team behind-the-scenes, and thought you might also like to meet some like-minded customers. We put the call out last week for those interested in featuring in our first Customer Profile and were overwhelmed with the response! We loved all the entries, and hope to feature more customers on the blog in the future, but we couldn’t go past this lovely email from Melissa:

Hello my name is Melissa. I’m a mother of two children under the age of six and have been a TVSN customer for approximately 5 years (just after my first child was born and we installed Foxtel and I discovered a new world of tv shopping through TVSN). I love TVSN for their exclusive brands such as Pur Minerals and their try at home money back guarantee which is very rare to find these days and gives you the confidence and peace of mind when shopping. I love watching a particular episode and seeing a live demonstration. Not only are you seeing a product in action but you also get fabulous cooking tips, makeup tips or how to put a look together. I’m into health and wellbeing and love beauty products which are natural and don’t contain any nasties. I’m addicted to the Pur Minerals range and have lost count on the amount of compacts I have purchased over the years. It’s the best foundation I have ever come across and being a busy mum I can still put on my face in literally seconds. I would love to feature on your blog as I represent the everyday mother who can give other like minded women out there my honest opinion about good value for money products.

Thank you
Melissa 🙂

Well we couldn’t let Melissa off that easily! Here is our little Q&A:


TVSN: Tell us about your typical day, what are you doing when you’re not shopping on TVSN?

Melissa: Typical day when I’m not watching TVSN or doing school drop offs or pick ups the family like to spend the weekend outdoors whether that be camping, 4×4 driving, day at the beach or pretty much anything that involves the outdoors.

TVSN: Who is your inspiration/role model?

Melissa: I cannot think of one person who inspires me as I have many but the qualities in a person that I look up to or inspire to is one who has a “can do” attitude, someone who is selfless, kind hearted, and someone who makes the most of their every day life and lives life to the full.

TVSN: What’s your favourite TVSN product of all time?

Melissa: My favourite TVSN purchase of all time would have to be the Pur Minerals 4in1 compact. I have lost count on the amount of compacts I have purchased over the years. I generally buy the compact in a pack which is excellent value for money and allows me to try other Pur goodies. It literally takes seconds to apply and is one of the best foundations I have ever used.

TVSN: What is your favourite TVSN moment?

Melissa: Best TVSN moment that comes to mind is when Jason Vale appeared for a Philips Juicer demonstration. His enthusiasm for juicing is contagious and he is a great motivational speaker to encourage people to get more fruit and vegies into their diet.

A big thank you to Melissa for featuring in our very first Customer Profile. Melissa will be receiving a special TVSN goodie pack! Want to feature in our next Customer Profile? Send us an email at and tell us your story!

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