Feature in our next Customer Profile!

We love hearing about our customers, things you love and your amazing stories.

Last month we met Melissa – in case you missed it you can meet Melissa here.

What makes you a loyal TVSN customer, and why should we feature you in our next Customer Profile? Send us an email at blog@tvsn.com.au and tell us about yourself. How long have you been a TVSN customer? What are your favourite brands/products? Tell us all about you and your story! Our favourite submission will be featured on the blog next week, and will receive a special goodie pack!

3 thoughts on “Feature in our next Customer Profile!

  1. i have been a customer of tvsn for 17 years .i love the fact that it has reduced my stress by not going into the shops and panicking about what people are thinking of me .having had a knee replacement limits me due to the pain i am in .thank god for tvsnxmas pres,clothes ,skin care all done at tvsn .i cannot tell the amount of comments i get about my clothes and my accessories .i find the banter between the presenters good stuff and the information is superb .part payment and 30 day money back guarentee are the main things that have given me an ability to purchase beautiful things for myself and my children.Di Turner was the first presenter who left an impact because i would drift into her world when my marriage was crumbling she was the one beautiful thing at that time in my life.thanks TVSN hope you dont ever go off air as i will be traumatised Love VIV

  2. Being very security conscious,I wanted to buy your “skim guard” as an improvement on my present system; that is, until I found that I had to give you more information than the bad guys steal, BEFORE I could buy your product for cash!
    cash customer, get it?You have no right to my personal info. I guess losing one customer won’t break you, but please stop your hypocritical talk about having the public interest at heart.

    1. Hi Dennis,

      We hope you are well.

      To purchase from TVSN we require your name, address and telephone number. This is so we are able to send your order to you, and in case anything happens we can get in contact with you.

      You are also welcome to provide us with your email address to receive order conformation emails and promotional emails from TVSN.

      To place an order with us, unfortunately we do not accept cash or cheque payments and require you to pay with a credit card. If ordering on our website you can also pay with pay pal.

      We hope you consider ordering with TVSN again in the future. If you have any questions, you can always contact our lovely Customer Care Team by calling 13 23 10 or by emailing comments@tvsn.com.au

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