Bonjour from Paris!

Today we have a special guest post from our Electrical guru Matt Farmer, who is on an amazing European holiday with his wife, Ange.

What an adventure so far! I have travelled through Ireland (3 days), London (4 days) and Paris (8 days of bliss, colour, divine food and incredible culture!). Tomorrow I travel to Venice for a few days. I have attached two photos from our renewed wedding vows. What a day it was! Here’s the story…

The first is a photo I have taken of Ange (my wife) with the Sony NX5R available through TVSN (I purchased mine through TVSN, so I practise what I preach!) 🙂

Ange looking gorgeous next to the Eiffel Tower before the ceremony!
Ange looking gorgeous next to the Eiffel Tower before the ceremony!

This photo is one of my favourites of all time! Firstly, Ange looks gorgeous! You can just see the structure of the Eiffel Tower behind her, it was taken moments before the celebrant arrived to renew our vows…It was cold, rainy and grey but Ange just lights up the lens! The Sony NX5R was left on Auto so this is the result you get from pointing and clicking! A great camera!

The next photo is taken by the photographer moments after we’ve said the magic words and Ange said “Yes” to me for another 25 years! I love this shot as it shows how excited and blissfully happy we are.

Matt & Ange just after they renewed their vows!
Matt & Ange just after they renewed their vows!

We finished the night at Ciel de Paris, which is located in the MontparnasseTower. Like the EmpireStateBuilding in New York and the London Eye, MontparnasseTower (Tour Montparnasse) offers unrivalled views of the city below. It was truly spectacular!

Where do I finish? We’ve been to amazing museums, experienced delicious food and wine, made to feel very welcome by the local Parisians and even experienced the spectacular Moulin Rouge!

Here are a couple more of our favourite pics from Matt.

We hope you’re not too jealous, we sure are! Tune in to the Sony All-In-One Computer show this Thursday at 8:30pm where we’ll be chatting to Matt from Venice via Skype!

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