Holiday Hair Tips with Oil of Morocco!

Christmas is fast approaching and we are all busy, busy, busy this silly season so we thought we would share one of our favourite beauty secrets that we are all using here at TVSN to help keep us looking refreshed and hydrated.

Silk Oil of Morocco products are our must have beauty items as they all contain our favourite ingredient – Argan oil (or in other words – miracle oil). Argan oil is made up of 98% cold pressed certified organic Argan oil and 2% vitamin E oil and is rich in vitamins F, A, C and E.  Each of their products helps soften the texture of the skin and hair and moisturizes the skin complexion which gets damaged from the sun, pollution, stress and other factors.

With all the running around we do at this time of year, we all need a couple of quick go-to hairstyles that work every time! Here are a couple of our favourites, one super easy for day, the other a bit more glam for night!

The High Pony

This one is so simple, but thanks to those pesky fly always it doesn’t always look so slick! We use the Silk Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Hair & Skin Treatment* to tame the frizz and keep those fly always at bay for a super sleek look every time. Simply rub a couple of drops of Oil of Morocco between your hands and smooth through dry hair (if your hair is wet, adding some Oil of Morocco to your hair will cut down drying time). Gather hair up on to the crown of your head and brush from all directions to ensure a smooth look, then secure with a hair band. Optional extra – finish with a spray of Oil of Morocco Leave-in Conditioning Spray.

Here is some high pony inspiration:


Images thanks to

* You can also use the Silk Oil of Morocco PURE Argan Oil.

The Glamorous Curl


Image thanks to

With all the Christmas Parties and events at this time of year, we love a glamorous style that makes us feel a bit special. Using the SILK Professional Wand and Styling Kit, you can achieve amazing curls while still keeping hair soft and shiny! The argan oil in Oil of Morocco helps nourish dry and brittle hair to help create a soft and lustrous curl, while locking in moisture and increasing shine!

To see how to create this easy and glamorous look, tune in this Sunday at 9:30am with Shirley and Jacqui!

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