My Final Thoughts to Share With You

Today I would like to share with you 2 Lifestyle tips. . . .

1. Exercise – I only started exercising a few months back to be honest. I was suspicious of exercise after 3 knee ops following my marathon training in 2008! However, I slowly started with yoga. My passion. So much so I am now training to be a yoga teacher. I practice yoga 6 days a week either in class or at home. It has transformed my mind, my body and confidence. I also recently started stand up paddle-boarding with Presenter Helen and my son Billy…And I swim/deep water run 1500 metres a week.

2. Alcohol….mmmm! I am now 12 weeks without drinking. I used to rely heavily on alcohol to self-medicate and to sleep, which was counter-productive as anything over 2 standard drinks messes with your serotonin levels and destroys your REM sleep. I really don’t miss it at all, but I won’t rule out having a glass of red on my birthday this month lol!

How to keep motivated. . . .

 Honestly? There will never be a simple answer but for me waking up in the morning with the most abundant energy and sense of peace. I am sleeping well for the first time EVER.

I have energy when I wake up and this keeps me going: My appetite for life. I am addicted to my energy levels, knowing I am doing the best for my health and seeing my body repay me with love is all the motivation I need.

Having clarity of mind

My Final Thoughts to share with you . . .

It started with a glass of water, Whey Less and a single juice….It has evolved into a way of life that I embrace wholeheartedly. As my relationship with food has turned to joy, so has my relationship with myself.

Make a pact with your body and your health to love, honour and disobey occasionally lol, because I also believe all things in moderation so have that glass of red once in a while!!!

Blessings and love and joy for embracing a new healthy YOU xox

2 thoughts on “My Final Thoughts to Share With You

  1. A great read, you are an inspiration Nikki, it sounds wonderful as to how far you have come. I really want to have that feeling myself and by reading a real persons journey like yourself it is giving me the courage to do it. You look fantastic on tv and that is suppose to put some pounds on so you must look amazing in real life but not only that by watching you from a year ago to now I can hear the change in your voice. Thank you for your words.

  2. hi nikki good for you it feels so good to be alive I gave up drinking 2 years ago and it feels so good.i have lost 38 klos and I can buy some of tvsn clothing keep up the good work. I am 75 years young and loving life . Elaine Wheeler god bless you and all the people at tvsn. Love to all. 5th march 2014 5am. by.

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