The Winner of the 2014 Glosscars Awards is. . . .

We were so lucky to have 5 minutes with the lovely Michelle from Alpha H today after her morning show with us at TVSN.  Alpha H has been moving from strength to strength this year with winning some amazing Glosscar awards, the brand has being recommended as one of Australia’s best beauty buys from the Telegraph UK and now they are launching a fantastic new product – Instant Facial, which we are all so excited to find out more about!


Alpha H Cleansing cube

5 Minutes with Michelle from Alpha H

It’s been a great year so far for Alpha-H, congratulations on winning two amazing Glosscars awards, and now you are launching a new product with the Instant Facial! How do you feel right now?

Proud and very humbled by the recognition the brand is receiving globally.  It makes the day to day challenges we face along the way worth every minute.  It also gives our incredible team at the head office immense job satisfaction to go up against the “big boys” and get a victory.  I will never forget we started our journey with TVSN with 50 packs . . . we’ve come along way with the love, support and loyalty of our loved audience.

What inspired you to create the Instant Facial?

Listening to the feedback and being pro-active in forward formulating.  Meeting and exceeding client expectations as we are the “go to” brand for tangible, instant results.  Want to see a change in a spritz or a spray grab the instant facial.

How long has it taken the Instant Facial to develop from conception to release?

18 months in the making and that includes the worldwide approved for safety assessments and ensuring we are compliant with all facets of cosmetcuetical skin care products.  Such as percentages and PH correct.

What did you have in mind when developing the Instant Facial?

Reinventing and changing audience perception that botanical and natural doesn’t mean impassive and inactive.  We took development time to inter-infuse botanical / pharmaceutical / cosmeticuetical into this union of 93% pureness.

How do you use it, and how often?

When you want moisture NOW – simply spritz.  When you haven’t got any time to exfoliate in the shower – just spritz.  If you want to freshen your look throughout the day – just spritz.  If you want a lift without surgery – just spritz.  You can spritz pre-tanning and spritz to keep your tan fresh and long lasting.

Who is the Alpha H woman?

Real, confident and doesn’t buy into over promised/ over marketed skincare.  She believes in honesty price points, believes in all things multifaceted.  She doesn’t believe in fluff and puff, faceless corporations with meaningless trends and paid endorsements.

Thank you for your time this morning, we cannot wait to try the Instant Facial!


Alpha H instant Facial Product launch



The instant Facial launched here at TVSN this morning.  If you missed the show Michelle is back on –air at the below times.  To find out more about Michelle and the Alpha H brand check out our full interview with her here:


 Alpha H Show Times:

 6:30pm Wednesday 9th April

11:30am Thursday 10th April

4:30pm Thursday 10th April

2:30pm Friday 11th April  

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