Rejuvenate with our Easy Eight

Running out of steam? Feeling less than fabulous? Don’t book that health retreat just yet…sometimes all you need is a little ‘me-time’ for a boost to get you back on track.

Try our Eight Easy Ways to Rejuvenate. Simple pleasures work wonders!

1. Start with your surroundings
Never underestimate the power of aroma. Simply introduce fragranced candles and diffusers into your living space and marvel at their mood-lifting power.
We’ve done the sniff test and Be Enlightened is top notch for sophisticated scents. Try warming Vanilla to feel comforted, Lemongrass for energising or calming Lavender if you need rest.

2. Turn a shower into a sensory experience
Run-of-the-mill, boring shower…or feel-good, luxurious experience? We prefer the latter!
So, how to make every wash a luxury? First, update your showerhead – it makes a big difference. Next, make it a rule to only use body wash that feels like a special treat. Instant mood-lifter!
Quoss purifying showerheads filter out chlorine, save water and impart a gentle fragrance. Lather up with a luxe body wash – LYS London Arnica Bath & Shower Gel is great for muscle-soothing.

3. Take time out for tea
Tea. The humble brew is universally healing. Yet, there’s a difference between a quick cuppa while multi-tasking, and sitting down with a special blend in your best china. Give it the time it deserves and make it a ritual.
Steep a trusted favourite – Blossom Blends Classic Black Tea Duo has the essentials: English Breakfast and Earl Grey.  Proper presentation is what makes it special – infuse your brew in a Blossom Blends 800ml Glass Teapot and pour into your cheerfully-patterned Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Yellow Cup & Saucer. Afternoon delight!

4. Break a sweat
There’s no getting around it – the ultimate pick-me-up is to get up and move! Cardio activity floods your brain with endorphins and a glowing sense of achievement will put a smile on your face.
Whatever your chosen exercise, the right attire really helps to motivate. The Running Bare Classic Full Length Tight is supportive and non-restrictive for all activities.
Gyms aren’t for everyone. Why not workout in the comfort of home? Invest in your very own treadmill and never make excuses again. We’re so impressed with the NordicTrack T14.2 – it’s almost like a personal trainer.

5. Swap Shop
All it takes is a bit of fine-tuning and some small changes and before you know it, you’ve cultivated healthy new habits without realizing. Start swapping everyday ingredients with a healthier alternative – you’ll never look back.
Here’s an idea: simply swap your not-so-healthy table salt for Changing Habits Seaweed Salt and you’ve already made an improvement with daily impact.

6. Drink to your health
When you’re glowing with health, it’s the kind that can only come from within. Your digestive system is a huge contributor to your outward appearance – a healthy gut comes with a wealth of benefits, including better complexion and energy levels.
We say pour yourself a glass of Passi Flora Probiotic Boost. This drink is formulated with certified organic ingredients, fermented with live active Lactobacillus bacteria to help create balance. Bottoms up!

7. Be your own guest
One sure-fire way to feel special is to slip between silky soft sheets in a freshly-made bed. Get that hotel feeling at home with the most indulgent, luxurious bedding you can find. Nothing is too good for you – only the best will do.
Turning back silk sheets at bedtime is nothing short of divine. Not only is silk natural, it’s also breathable, cool in summer and warm in winter.
We’re in love with the Mulberry Silk Co. 100% Charmeuse Silk Fitted Sheet – utterly indulgent.

8. Spa-treat yourself…all day
It’s an oldie but a goodie. Pamper yourself in every way imaginable and do all the little things you never seem to have time for! Treat your tresses to a hair mask. (Al’chemy Intensive Moisture Hair Masque nourishes without silicones). Apply a face mask. (Alpha H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Masque exfoliates, plumps and brightens). De-fuzz – carefully and thoroughly. (Ever tried No!No! Hair Removal? You’ll never book a salon wax again). Treat your feet. Shape your nails and paint them a colour you’ve never tried before. Slather on a rich body butter.
Now say, ‘ahhh’.

Love yourself. Love shopping. Love TVSN. x

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