How to Create a Truly Functional Wardrobe

Carla's Closet

Ok girls, it’s time to work over that wardrobe and make it a truly functional work of art.  We all know how exciting it is when we buy a new piece of fashion, the enjoyment of wearing it for the first time and introducing it to the rest of your wardrobe.  However this intro can be sending your lovely new prize possession into the abyss that is your over crowed, dis organised wardrobe, nooooooo!

Ever since I can remember I have loved order and having things organised and since growing into a full-fledged shopaholic and dedicated lover of all things beautiful, I have had to really hone these skills so to not be swamped by my – well – stuff, for want of a better word.

So for this reason I perform a Wardrobe audit on myself at least every 3 months.  Trust me – it is so therapeutic and you will rediscover so many great things you forgot you had.

So how?  The key to this is be strong, don’t let emotion get between you and an organised and functional wardrobe.  Follow these steps and you will have a wardrobe that will be the envy of all your friends and one that will enable you to always have something to wear, whatever the occasion.

The Goal:

To have an organised wardrobe where all pieces hanging are currently being worn, fit perfectly and make you feel fab!

Carla's Closet 6


The Process

Step 1.  Be prepared.  Stock up with new hangers (Pink Lily are great), shoe boxes, jewellery hangers and accessory storage solutions.  Also get some big green rubbish bags and 2-3 washing baskets.  Get your Dyson, a cleaning cloth and some lavender oil diluted in a spray bottle with water.  Optional:  Put on some great music and pour a glass of your favourite bubbly.

Step 2.  Cull Baby Cull.  Pull it all out, yes everything, even the old boots right at the back from pre cica 1980.  Now clean it out with the Dyson and spray and clean all surfaces so it is clean and refreshed.

Step 3. Now it’s time to put it all back, but ONLY the things you wear or intend to wear, that fit well and flatter your figure, that are not torn, faded, ripped or have buttons missing and the you love wearing.  The things that fall out of this are then sent to either A.  The green rubbish bin for charity B.  Clothes basket for laundering or mending or C.  Clothes basket marked for storage – these should be items you can’t part with but don’t wear, eg brides maid dress from 20 years ago – that your best friend said you could totally wear again (yeah right).  You can then pop all these into a under bed zip up bag or a giant storage box from Pink Lily.

Step 4.  Be sure as you put items back in, they are going on new hangers and they are all facing the same way.  Please discard and wire or plastic hangers eg from drycleaners.  Opt for hangtastic from pinklily and I also like velour covered hangers for light items and wood hangers for blazers and cocktail dresses as it does create separation between items and therefore less crushing but this will depend on your space available.

Step 5.  Organise.   You need to compartmentalise.  This way you can clearly see what you are missing.  These are my sections, you can customise this according to your lifestyle but this is a good start. 

1. Tops

2. Bottoms/Pants

3. Bottoms/Skirts

4.  Day Dresses

5. Work Dresses

6. Cocktail/Evening Dresses

7. Blazers and Jackets

8. Lounge/Beach/Sleep

It is also a good idea to have these separated into winter and summer.  Once they are all back in, you may see where you have heaps of tops and hardly any bottoms, or loads of work dresses but no day dresses.  Do a check list now and  identify the gaps.


Carla's Closet1

Step 6.  Analyse.  Now is the time to work out where you have been going wrong or what are your missing links.  EG.  Everything is black, or I have 20 v neck t-shirts, all my jeans are the same shape.  Identify the ruts and the habitual purchases and note it down on your list of what you need to remind you not to buy any more.  Have a good look at everything and visualise your what if’s.  What if I have a great read sweater that would go with those pants or that skirt and under that jacket. Etc etc

Step 7.  Shop till you drop.  This is the best bit. Jump on line TVSN  or turn on your telly  and fill all those gaps and what if’s.

Steap 8.  Repeat all of the above with your draws, accessories and shoes!

Do this every 3 months and you will always have something to wear and a wardrobe you truly love.

Carla's Closet 2

Happy shopping!

Carla XX

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