Wishing all of you Beautiful Mums a fabulous Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day!!
Happy Mother’s Day!!


OK its only days away now… I for one am getting ridiculously excited. I’m talking about one of the GREATEST days of the year for us mums.

The day we’re meant to be celebrated, revered and bestowed with large quantities of glorious gifts!

After speaking to a few mums it really got me thinking… one of the BEST presents we can actually receive this mothers day is the gift of time…

Well… that is after being lavished with cups of tea and coffee in bed and spoilt with those “PERFECT” presents.

How many hours do we get to ourselves?? When was the last time you got to indulge in some delicious T.V viewing that is normally reserved for when the kids are asleep ( sounds more tawdry than intended)

So my question is should mothers day actually be a mothers FREE day? The day we can luxuriate on the couch and NOT be reminded of those endless loads of washing, the food shopping or our little ones school project due on Monday…

Lets lay off the guilt (for one day anyway) and go have a spectacular day!

Wishing all of you beautiful mums a fabulous Mothers Day

Manda xx

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