Introducing Carmindy & Co

We are so excited to have Carmindy & Co launching exclusively here at TVSN today!  This super-uplifting cosmetics brand is about celebrating your own unique beauty, not covering it up! Created by makeup artist Carmindy, the user-friendly range is bursting with refreshing shades.  We sat down with the lovely Carmindy herself yesterday to find out more. . . .


 You have traveled the world doing makeup and meeting inspiring people and we are so excited that you are now in Australia! How are you enjoying your visit?

I could not be more thrilled to be here. I am from Southern California and find that Australia reminds me so much of home. I have traveled to Australia in the past staying up to a month at a time because I feel so happy and comfortable here. I just love it and have made many friends.

What path brought you to or inspired you to start Carmindy & Co?

I have been a makeup artist in the fashion industry for over 25 years and the last 10 years working on real wonderful women on the hit tv show What Not To Wear inspired me the most. Nobody was talking to these women. Moms, students, professionals, retirees, cancer survivors, volunteers, military women, etc. The beauty industry and experts where only talking about celebrities and models and I wanted to dedicate myself to these fantastic women who were looking for easy ways to solve their unique beauty problems and they wanted a way they could feel good about themselves.

What is Carmindy & Co’s philosophy?

I believe makeup should be used to enhance your natural beauty so you can celebrate your uniquness and embrace who you are.

What are you hoping to give women with your products?

Freedom, time and empowerment. Carmindy & Co delivers a streamlined collection of fast, easy and foolproof formulas and colors that make women feel incredible.

If you could give our customers one beauty tip, what would it be?

Never play the compare and despair game. That is when you compare yourself to someone you may find more beautiful and then judge yourself harshly and despaire about your looks. You are a unique special and beautiful creature so shine bright and don’t waste your time feeling bad about yourself. You only have one life and confidence is the most sexy thing in the world!

Meet Carmindy:

Shop Carmindy & Co


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