Carla’s Insanely Yummy Protein Balls

Carla protein balls


2 cups rolled Oates

1 cup dates

1/2 cup coconut

2 tblsp tahini

1 tblsp Inca inchi protein powder

1 tblsp Carla Oates body

1 tspoon camu camu powder

1/2 cup coconut water added gradually as needed

splash of Inca inchi oil or flaxseed oil


all measures approximately and thrown into your kitchen aid food processor and blitzed until it’s like crumbs. add the coconut water slowly to get a good consistency and then roll into balls and refrigerate. Yummy!!


Carla xx

2 thoughts on “Carla’s Insanely Yummy Protein Balls

  1. This sounds so delicious and I have near all the ingredients already. I want to know how mixing by hand is ok? I do have a vitamix, will that work?


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