PinkLily’s Top Storage Tips

Sascha’s Top Ten Tips for Organising and Spring Cleaning.

It is that time of year where we are all re-thinking our wardrobes, whether is what’s in them, what’s not in them or how crowded it is! There has been one common question in our head office lately, ‘what did I wear last summer?’.  The verdict is clear: time for a spring clean!  So we turned to the one and only Sascha from Pinklily to help us.  If you have seen her shows on TVSN you would know that she is the Queen Bee of organising.  She shares her top ten tips we all can do at home!
The pinklily philosophy is “ if you display your items correctly by either hanging, arranging and organising you’ll wear and use more of each item  you own”!
Pinklily Pack for the Living Room
As seen on The Living Room
  1.  Store all shoes in pinklily clear shoe boxes.  The boxes save space and protect your shoes from dust.  It keeps them all in pairs and creates an enormous amount of space in the bottom of your wardrobe Store boots in clear boot boxes. Store handbags in clear handbag boxes
  2. Hang all clothing on pinklily hangtastics – with 10 features to hang every single item in your wardrobe – the hangtastics Allow you to hang every single item – so you wear all of your wardrobe.  The hangtastics create space so that your wardrobe is so cluttered and disorganised Hang like items together ie all pants together, all tops together and arrange each group into colours.
  3. Store all accessories like earrings, bangles and necklaces in acrylic organisers so you create a retail store in your own home The more items you can see the more likely you are to remember that you own them and therefore accessorize your outfit
  4. Hang belts and scarves on pinklily belt and scarf racks. This keeps them in perfect condition and once again you can see each item
  5. Store bed linen in clear large storage boxes – you can see what is in each box and you’re not cluttering your linen cupboard
  6. Keep makeup in acrylic boxes which are easily cleaned and completely visual so you know where each piece is.
  7. Divide lingerie, underwear and hosiery into lingerie boxes so that everything is separated and in compartments
  8. Use a folding template to fold all clothing so that piles of tshirts etc are all the same size just like a retail store
  9. When sorting through your wardrobe – be honest if the item still fits you , is in perfect condition and reflects your personality right now not many years ago !
  10. Once you start organising small areas of your wardrobe they are easily maintained and therefore you stop those “ I’ve got nothing to wear “ moments !
Pinklily Make-Up Display Tower
Pinklily Lingerie Box 6 Pack
Pinklily Nailtastic Display Stand
Pinklily Twin Bangle Stand
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