Get Fit This February!

We’re so excited to announce that we are dedicating the month of February to health and fitness! And who better than our lovely Nicola George to get us going and keep us motivated throughout the month with her story, tips, recipes and more! This is a topic close to Nicola’s heart, and you can read her story below. We hope you will join us on this journey, and we’d love to hear your stories! We’ll be posting here on the blog throughout the month, and be sure to also join us on Facebook. We’d love you to comment on our posts and let us know about your own journeys, or send us an email at!  nicolamain Here’s Nicola… I’m so excited about Feb fitness month, hopefully we can share our health and fitness stories and inspire each other to continue in or start our journeys. So I wanted to get the ball rolling and share my story… I had never really thought about food or exercise growing up, I danced a lot and was lucky enough to have a Mum and Dad who just made normal home cooked meals. I then went to university, stopped all exercise and bought and ate everything and anything I felt like. I put on over 30kg! The clothes got bigger, but mostly I just felt uncomfortable, had no energy and didn’t feel confident in my own skin. The turning point was on holiday in America, I was so hot and uncomfortable just walking around and something clicked, I knew I had to get healthy and get fit. I started with a healthy eating plan and exercise and slowly the weight came off, but it was slow and it took me long time to lose 30 kilos – but I didn’t want a crash diet or crazy regime I couldn’t sustain. I wanted a long-term change in the way I ate and looked after my body, and I’m still constantly trying to learn about how to fuel my body better and stay within a healthy weight range. Because it wasn’t a diet this is still something I do everyday, it was also never about being skinny or having the “perfect” body, as it doesn’t exist. I just wanted to be healthy, happy and confident in my own skin. I have learnt a lot on the journey so wanted to share my top tips, no matter what type of eating or exercise plan works for you I think the following makes anything easier. I also just wanted to say that my Dad recently lost over 44kg aged 69, so whatever age you are – go for it!

  1. Drink lots of water! It’s that simple, every aspect of us works better when we are hydrated – often hunger, fatigue, lethargy is all just dehydration. Start your day with a big glass with a slice of lemon to kick start digestion and then have an allocated water bottle, know how many times you need to fill it up during the day to stay hydrated.
  1. Organisation – healthy eating takes some planning. Pick a day when you have some time and do your shopping and preparation. As soon as I get home with my shopping I prep my fruit and veg, cook up some chicken and brown rice/quinoa for the week and have some things that are ready to go for healthy fast food. Lock and lock will be your best friend for this! You will also waste less food and always have a healthy option available.
  1. Be consistent – you will have a piece of chocolate, cake, pizza, night out with your friends/husband and when you do enjoy it, do not feel guilty! But the next day stay consistent with the healthier eating or exercise a little more that day to balance out the extra calories. Stick to the good stuff 80% of time and you will be fine!
  1. Celebrate your achievements – no matter how small, you had one slice of pizza instead of the whole thing, you took the stairs instead…. Whatever it is congratulate and be proud of yourself!

Looking forward to hearing your stories and sharing some recipes and tips over the coming month! Nicola x

9 thoughts on “Get Fit This February!

  1. Hi Nicola, it’s great that you share your ideas and experiences with others. I really enjoy the shows you present, particularly shows like NYDJ, as you come across as very relatable, particularly in relation to weight and the dilemmas of just being female. There are people out there that you will inspire to do the same, I’m sure.
    One of my staff spoke to me last Friday about how she lost one and three quarter stone. She is in her mid fifties like me. She said that I had inspired her. It is what you say, establishing good eating habits and exercising. But allowing occasional indulgences. After all, we all need food for the soul sometimes!
    Your wonderful, and keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Monica, thank you so much for your lovely message. I love when us real girls can inspire each other so loved hearing the story of the girl you work with. We definitely need those indulgences though, life wouldn’t be as awesome as it is without cheese, wine, chocolate… I’ll stop there 🙂

  2. Good luck. I started in January to get fit. I have to lose nearly 40 kilos and in first week lost 2.5kg. My biggest problem is the water but I am working on it.

    1. Hi Vicki – well done!! That’s awesome – even 500g a week is a big achievement so great work. I have a dedicated water bottle which I fill three times a day – I drink one before breakfast, one before lunch and one before dinner as I used to struggle with that too. It just keeps me on track with it a little xx

  3. Hi Nicola you look fantastic. I love carla Oates body and glow. I eat pretty healthy but also want to feel better about myself so need to do more excercises. What exercises Do you do ?
    Bravo you look great

  4. Hi Veronique, thanks for your lovely message. I love Carla Oates too so good 🙂 I do two high intensity/resistance training twice a week for half an hour, then I do either yoga or pilates to stretch me out, and I try and get in a walk or run outdoors to enjoy the fresh air too. I tend to buy myself a fitness magazine once a month because they have so many great excercise plans in them and it keeps me from getting bored as I get new ones every month 🙂 xx

  5. Hi, it is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but the rewards just keep coming. I’ve lost 37.5kg since august last year and I’ve done it myself no lotions or potions. I’ve had wonderful tools Huron juicer, two airfares, vitamix and vibroslim. Everytime I lose a stone my hubby buys me a piece of jewellery to mark my hard work I’m getting a cocollection. Today I went and tried on new trainers as I walk everyday and the feeling of being able to put your sock on and bend down and do your laces is amazing as I couldn’t six months ago. I couldn’t walk up the street without having an asthma attack now my personal best has been 17 km over a day. My advice is fight for it don’t just settle for a life of never knowing how fabulous it is to feel alive. I still have another 30 kg to lose so girls another 5 pieces of jewellery and a life I only dreamed of xx

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