It feels right that this should be the first post of the month as we all need some form of motivation to stay consistent with a healthy lifestyle. I’m often asked what my motivation was to start my weight loss journey and it was how uncomfortable I felt on that beach in Los Angeles – but I have never elaborated on that and I have NEVER said this out loud or shared this with anyone. The heart of the reason was that that day walking around the beach in the heat (which at the time I wasn’t used to) I got the most awful rash from my legs rubbing together and chaffing. I was embarrassed and it was not only uncomfortable but actually hurt! I thought how ridiculous it was that I was young and should be in the prime of my life and I felt like this! In truth it also affected everything – my relationships, my career, because I had no pride in myself. That was really the motivation to change. As the years have passed by new motivations have come along, getting into drama school, a friend’s wedding but as my journey continues I find it easier to find motivation in simpler truths. Running is my nemesis and I used to think of it as a necessary evil 😀 then one day it hit me when I thought…. what if I couldn’t run…. !!!! And that changed everything for me. Whenever I don’t feel like exercising or I’m obsessing over some cellulite I give myself a shake and feel thankful for my body that allows me to run, jump, dance whatever it is as not everyone has that privilege. I also find motivation in others – this week the gorgeous Ali Mutch inspired me to go to Bikram yoga with her. It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done but everytime I felt like I was going to pass out (seriously) I looked over and saw Ali’s smiling face and I thought, I can do this. motivation Here are some other things that help me stay on track… –          Surround yourself with visual reminders – if it’s that ‘before’ picture stick it on the fridge door, for me it is motivational thoughts, I love my little motivation cards that I change every week. –          Set a goal – sign up for a fun run, ocean swim, bush walk whatever it is will keep your exercise consistant and support a good cause in the process. –          Do not get obsessed with the scales – water retention, time of the month they all affect this figure and if you don’t see a change you can be tempted to throw in the towel. So instead take measurements or try on a pair of jeans and see how they fit better as the weeks progress. –          Replace those rewards – if you are used to rewarding yourself with food then replace that with something else. A massage, a facial, a new dress – reward yourself and congratulate yourself on your healthy lifestyle achievements. Nicola x

2 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. You are so right Nicola, keeping things in perspective and being grateful for who we are as individuals is really important. It’s also important to have goals, so whether it is to lose weight and/or exercise regularly for example, it’s all about habit and finding something you enjoy and can sustain. It takes quite a while to establish new habits, so when I fall off the wagon, I think about what led to me behaving in a way I wish I hadn’t, and then refocus. These strategies have helped keep my weight down.

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