Snack time!

It’s good to snack in between meals – it helps to keep our blood sugar stable, our energy up and we are then less likely to eat huge portions at lunch or dinner. However constantly coming up with new snack ideas for you and the family is hard so here are a few of my favourites…..

1. Green juice – helps top up all of my vitamins and minerals and if I want a real boost I add in my Flora Maxi Greens. I don’t have a set recipe but I just throw into my Hurom any veg I have left over or was cheap at the market (mostly green) and flavour mostly with lemon and ginger or lime and mint and only throw in maybe two apples for sweetness if I’m making a big batch as I don’t like to add too much extra sugar in there.
2. Apple with nut butter – cut them into discs and make little sandwiches so they are portable and it regulates the use of butter.
3. Cottage cheese with a little Vegemite for flavour on two rice cakes.
4. Carla Oates Body in a very small glass of milk – lovely chocolate fix from the cacao but also boosts metabolism and helps get in my quota of super foods!
5. A good old fashioned boiled egg – it’s a great source of protein, quick and portable. If it’s too bland devil out the yolk and add a little curry powder or paprika for taste.
6. Small yoghurt with a few berries and cinnamon – try and have this as a morning snack so you have longer to burn the fruit sugars, the yoghurt helps with this too.
7. Thin slice of cheese with a fresh fig- I have to have my cheese fix every now and then 🙂
8. Kale chips ….. So good but feel like they are so bad – think crispy seaweed from the Chinese restaurant. Simply tear up kale into bite size pieces spray with oil, sprinkle with salt and bake
9. Quick salmon “cupcakes” – mix one egg, a small tin of salmon/tuna, spinach, a small piece of feta or parmesan and your favourite spices – mix together and fill two muffin tin holes and bake for ten minutes.
10. My 100 calorie protein balls – I always make these at home because the ones you can grab on the go are usually high in calories so even though they are all natural I just keep an eye on how many calories I consume and these are delicious!
See my recipe below!
Nicola x
Makes 25 balls
10 dates soaked in water and stones removed
2 cups of nuts whatever is your favourite
1/4 cup pepitas
2 tablespoons of Carla Oates Body or Whey Less chocolate
1/4 cup nut butter
Teaspoon of coconut oil
Teaspoon of vanilla essence
Pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg
Store in the fridge or freezer

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