Why I Love Pilates

I’m so excited to launch our new Pilates Body Toner tonight at 6.30pm, it’s the most affordable and best system I have ever sold so ahead of the show I wanted to share why Pilates was such a game changer for me. It’s not just me though just google the top athletes, models and actresses that are devotees of pilates!

My Back – I was originally told to do Pilates by my Doctor. I have a crumbling disk in my spine and it was regularly causing my back to spasm and it was the source of a lot of pain. It was not a problem that could be fixed so he suggested strengthening all the core muscles around the problem to protect it and boy did it work! It has now being years since my back has caused me any pain and that is huge.

My Tummy – I never had a flat stomach my whole life until I did Pilates – Pilates gave me a waist, and on a good day there is even a glimpse of abs – not after pizza night though 🙂

It changed my whole body shape – I can get toned and slimmer from other forms of exercise but Pilates means I get the shape that I want. My legs look longer and leaner and my arms and inner thighs are the most toned when Pilates is in my routine – all the parts that other exercises fail to touch – the top of the thighs, the wobbly arms suddenly start to wobble less.

It’s easy AND enjoyable – that’s the reason I have done it for nearly 8 years consistently – I don’t sweat or get out of breath, even if I’m exhausted I can find the energy to do Pilates and I actually enjoy it! Being on the bed is fun and there are so many exercises you can do you never get bored.

Its cardio, toning and stretching in one – It’s tough to squeeze enough exercise into the week so a system that combines the two makes the most of my time.

We will be sharing all the info on tonight’s show so hope to see you then!

x Nicola

Don’t forget to join Nicola on Facebook after the show at 7:30 for a chat about health and fitness! You can ask your questions throughout the show!


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