Your Kitchen Rules!

Like most of Australia, we’re a little obsessed with MKR! Now at the business end of the competition, we’ve seen some seriously impressive dishes from these talented home cooks!

Not everyone feels at home in the kitchen though, so here are a few of our tips to make your kitchen rule!

  1. Prep, prep, prep!

Do as much as you can before you actually start cooking. Chop up those veggies, measure out your ingredients, it will make cooking so much more manageable and enjoyable! Store ingredients ready-to-go in air-tight containers to keep them fresh!

Lock & Lock Classic 7 Piece Set
Lock & Lock Classic 7 Piece Set


  1. Invest in a do-it-all machine.

A machine like the Magimix Patissier Multi Function will make your prep painless! This is a super-versatile kitchen appliance with a multitude of functions! Blend, chop, whisk, slice, press, knead and grate – convert from food processor to blender to juice extractor – and more!

Magimix Patissier Multi Function


(if you missed the show yesterday, head to our Video On Demand to catch up!)

  1. If all else fails, make your guests a killer cup of coffee, serve with some chocolates and all will be forgiven!
Saeco Intelia Class EVO Automatic Espresso Machine


Are you a kitchen whiz? What’s your go-to meal?

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