Cannes 2015 – The Jewels!


We love checking out what the stars wear on the red carpet, especially their amazing jewels! We asked our red carpet expert Charlie Lapson to share his favourite jewellery look from the 2015 Cannes Film Festival!

As the Cannes Film Festival brings the world to the South of France, the best red carpet looks are flaunted around during the numerous parties and movie premieres.  I’ve attended the festivities for many years and it’s like a two week beauty pageant. The celebrities are on parade day and night, cameras everywhere.  
Here are some of my favourite looks:
1) Jane Fonda looked beautiful and very bold in blue on the red carpet… I loved the modern style multi tier diamond earrings and the wave shape diamond ring. It really helped pull the outfit together for a top celebrity look.

2) Natalie Portman was ravishing in red… the long tear drop earrings were a big statement and then she matched it with an oversized cuff bracelet in white gold along with a ring on her left hand and a ring on her right hand. 
Just the right amount of bling for this look. 
Natalie Portman
3) Julianne Moore opted for a pair of round, open style, diamond earrings for a bit of a 1970’s retro look, matching with her gown.   I like that she chose to use two large diamond rings, one on each hand… and it doesn’t matter what finger you wear them on.  This red head ruled the party! 
Julianne Moore
4) Naomi Watts looks spectacular in this silver look.  The multi strand diamond earrings went well with the leaf pattern on the her dress. She added a diamond ring on her pointer finger. Everything about this look is well done.
Naomi Watts
5) Poppy Delevinge wore a green dress that looks like the stars dancing with the planets … the fantastic, regal, 3 strand, multi layer diamond necklace sparkled up the ensemble, and no need for any other accessories (but perhaps there was a need for a security guard)!
Poppy Delevingne
6) Emily Blunt certainly went with the concept of “more is better” … with a shiny dress, some people might have gone with small, simple accents… but Emily decided to go the other direction.  Bring it on… or Bling it on!  Giant drop earrings, a big statement bracelet on the right hand, a green bracelet on the left, and a huge modern ring to top it off. 
Emily Blunt
7) Karlie Kloss, the supermodel, can wear almost anything and look gorgeous… and here she does it again.  I love the blue dress with black flowers spread around.  The jewellery flowed naturally together – the linear earrings, the large ring on her pointer finger, and the wide cuff bracelet. Va Va Voom !! 
Karlie Kloss
We are excited to announce that Charlie will be back at TVSN in June with his new collection of dazzling jewels, so you can get the red carpet look yourself (for a fraction of the price)! Make sure to sign up to our email updates so you don’t miss it!

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