Skincare Tips from Emma Hardie

Emma%20Hardie%20%283%29This week we are thrilled to have the lovely Helen Goldie back at TVSN with more luxurious skincare products from Emma Hardie. Emma Hardie is an award-winning skincare range from the UK, already loved by beauty editors, bloggers, and now TVSN customers! 

To help you get the most out of your products, we asked Emma Hardie herself for the tips you need to know!

Tip #1

‘For a skin-brightening and blemish-clearing cleanse, take a dry Microfibre Cleansing Cloth and use it to buff our Moringa Foaming Cleansing Wash into your skin, then rinse away. The combination of pumpkin enzymes in the wash with the fibres of the cloth will help to loosen the dead cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it looking fresher and feeling softer.’


Tip #2

‘Moringa Cleansing Balm is our hero product, and so versatile. Try massaging a dab into your skin after cleansing and leaving on overnight to help nourish and brighten while you sleep.’

Tip #3

‘Moringa Balm works brilliantly on body and hair too. It’s water-soluble so easy to rinse off, and the key ingredients are nourishing, so it softens everything. Try it on ragged cuticles, bumpy backs of arms, dry heels and knees, split ends and dry scalp, after waxing and even to shave your legs with.’


Tip #4

‘I like my products to have an uplifting effect, so our essential oils are chosen with mood in mind. Brilliance Facial Oil is really delicious. It has citrus top notes so feels uplifting when you first apply, but the scent softens as it warms up on the skin so gets cosier throughout the day.’

Tip #5

‘If your skin is out of balance it’s often due to lack of water. It’s so important to drink enough, but little and often – if you take in too much at once the body won’t absorb it as well. Sip don’t gulp!’

Tip #6

‘I love a ‘no make-up’ look and don’t like overloading my skin but I still like to look polished. I often mix a couple of drops of Brilliance Facial Oil with my foundation, to lighten my base and add glow.’

Check out the whole range of Emma Hardie products on our website, and tune in to the shows to hear all about the range! Don’t forget you can watch the shows on Catch Up TV if you missed them!

Are you already an Emma Hardie fan? Tell us why below!

2 thoughts on “Skincare Tips from Emma Hardie

  1. Can we buy these products in our stores ? So sick of not being able to get these in stores Please Please Please in stores !!! You will sell more for sure !!!!!!!

    1. Hi Lucy.

      Unfortunately TVSN does not have a store or shop.

      You are welcome to shop on our fantastic website!

      Don’t forget to tune into the final few shows from the Emma Hardie event tomorrow 23/07/2016 at 12:30 and 18:30 AEST!

      Kind regards,

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