What’s Cooking in our Presenters’ Kitchens?

Today is Kitchen Day at TVSN! Join us today for the latest and greatest of high-tech appliances, top-shelf brands and time-saving gadgets – not to mention some very tasty deals and offers!

We asked some of our multi-talented presenters to share their favourite things to cook at the moment in their kitchens!

MoiraApart from green smoothies and soups, when I have friends around in summer for a BBQ I love to make a frozen Mango Party Starter cocktail in the Vitamix.

Half a mango per person, roughly chopped and frozen.
A generous nip of vodka per person
A sploosh of coconut water to achieve the right consistency.

Make it in front of the guests and serve directly into martini glasses with a leaf of mint floating on top.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.16.48 PM

EmmaI’ve perfected the art of … wait for it … soup.  Yes soup!

I always thought it was really hard to make, but I put in lots of fresh veggies, some gluten-free stock, and I make my own chickpea flour in the Vitamix to use as thickener, then whizz it all up.  Healthy, economical and easy to take to work.

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SarahI have the Vitamix and the boys love helping me make home made peanut butter with Maple syrup. I love 5 minute Thai pumpkin soup and my husband loves my chili coriander hummus.

My KitchenAid gets used for raspberry coconut gluten free cupcakes. The best guacamole dip, and fluffy gluten free Belgium waffles.

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HelenDaily smoothies are a favorite and we love herb aoili in the Vitamix too. And of course a yummy sorbet at the end of a long day leaves us all smiling!

The Tefal snack maker is on our list of must haves for waffles on a Sunday morning and yummy snacks through the day too!

Discover the Tefal Snack Maker here.

NikkiMy favourite thing to do in Vitamix is to make wholefood soups. I love that I can chuck literally the “whole” food in..skin..stalks and all and benefit from the yummy nutrition!

We hope you enjoy Kitchen Day! Don’t forget to check out our social media pages today to see how you can win a $100 TVSN Voucher!

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