Dear Wheyless… Love Nikki V

Dear Wheyless!

Thank you for giving me back my appetite for life!

So…I embarked on my current journey 3 weeks before xmas. At first I thought I must be completely bonkers! (or more bonkers than usual!). However, this proved to be an amazing time to get a grip. I felt completely in control over the festive season and particularly after week 3.

Previously 3 years ago I lost 30kgs with the help of Wheyless. In the last 2 years I have put on 5kgs. Not a massive amount to write home about, but enough for me to feel uncomfortable in my clothes and a warning sign to me personally that there was some underlying unhappiness going on, I wear my pain around my belly lol – fat becomes my insulation against the world.

I am kind of an all or nothing girl and my previous journey 3 years ago I went all gun ho and combined Wheyless with a raw food diet. My body enjoyed that and it was right for me at the time as I was healing from 2 years on Prednisone, but I have since not been able to tolerate completely raw and also acknowledge that I need meat in my life AND BALANCE.

So I have approached this journey being kind to myself. There is a word in yoga called “AHIMSA” – literally meaning to practice non-violence to the body, and so I set out on this journey with the intention of being kind, gentle and balanced with my journey.

For me it wasn’t so much about over-eating or being out of control with my food choices, (although I do have my Oprah moments and have been known to turn to food to comfort me during painful times), this time it was more about the fact I was basically starving myself of good nutrition. I had literally lost my appetite for life. i am blessed to work in a job that is fun, exciting and constantly dynamically changing. That is the Live TV experience. However, that comes with it’s own set of challenges. One being over-stimulation of one’s adrenal system. My body feels like it is in a constant fight or flight situation as I have a problem with  my adrenalin levels being already high. So, my gut just shuts down and I find myself going a whole day sometimes without eating and just surviving on coffee (not very bright when your adrenals are already over stimulated, but i am just sharing this in the interests of honesty).

So, anyway…back to my intention: To practice Ahimsa, to be balanced, to NOT be all or nothing and to approach the journey with no expectation.

Week 1 and 2 I didn’t really take too seriously if I am honest. I had a guest staying for a few weeks who just lived on Take Away food. I am not big on take away, once in a while is ok but it is loaded with hidden sugars and stuff. However, I would come home late from work unprepared, yes I had my 2 Wheyless during the day but some nights just couldn’t be bothered to cook. So I would graze on whatever was left!

However Week 3 something just shifted in me. I was beginning to get my energy levels back. My guest had gone and I began to enjoy shopping for food again and planning (THIS IS THE KEY). I began to eat loads of beautiful steamed veg and chicken, lamb or fish. My body was craving veg and also Fish….the body always knows instinctively. I combined this with my Wheyless. I also made sure that I had both my Wheyless balls and Protein bars in my work bag so that I was never caught short. I began to get back to proper water intake and minimise my coffees. I am also cooking my food with love and gratitude in my heart and ENJOYING cooking again and make things fresh in my Vitamix like my bolognese sauce. Back to Wholefoods and no fads. Creating a sustainable and realistic regime.

BUT back to balance. having spent xmas day and new years day alone (my son is in Europe for Xmas), I found that I wasn’t over indulging as is often the case during the festive season.Instead, I got excited about going to a 2 hour yoga class on Xmas day! (weirdo I know!)

I did go to a party on Jan 1st though and you know what? I gave myself permission to eat and drink whatever I wanted. Dr Bob always talks about it being ok to have a break out day as the Wheyless practices forgiveness. We are after all only human. So I have actually now scheduled one naughty day a week (thanks Bob)!

I am also listening to my body more and if I come home from work at lunchtime after a super early start and am famished then I will have a massive lunch of steamed veg and Protein and then have Wheyless as my evening meal. I love doing this as I don’t feel so full at night


  1. PLAN PLAN PLAN – Go to Wheyless website and get some great menu ideas that are so easily incorporated into everyday family living. If you have the week planned then you are less likely to fall into the trap of grazing on rubbish just because it is there.
  2. Be realistic in your goals and practice AHIMSA! Be kind to your body. Dump the shame and guilt and KNOW that you are now on the right track…simple steps…one foot in front of the other and before you know it you will have walked a 1000 miles
  3. EAT! and frequently. Combine some bananas and berries with your Wheyless for breakfast (rocket fuel). Reach for the Protein balls for a snack or some almonds.
  4. LOVE yourself and LOVE your journey and the brave step you have taken to being the you that you have been craving for so long
  5. Don’t tell yourself you are on a diet! If I hear the word diet it makes me want to scoff a whole cheese platter. Instead just think about it as though you are on a journey of Lifestyle management, of long term change, of getting your life back and the YOU that you so deserve
  6. Stay away from the scales….They lie!!!! Instead take your measurements. I cannot tell you exactly how many kilos I have lost because I will not do scales, but I can tell you my daisy dukes are slipping off me! Oh and I have (a week ago) lost a couple of inches around waist and hips – yayyy winning, and my bloating has gone down in my belly

Signing off for now but will keep you updated. I don’t think I will ever stop Wheyless to be honest. This is an ongoing journey for me and I know that I am getting so many macro nutrients, minerals and vitamins and I am loving life again!

I have nothing but admiration for each and every one of you on this amazing journey. Know that you are not alone. Wheyless are very good at holding the space for you via their Facebook page and also the end of the phone.

With gratitude and love from my heart to yours,

Nikki V xoxoxoox

13 thoughts on “Dear Wheyless… Love Nikki V

  1. Good luck on your journey Niki I love the Strawberries and Cream Wheyless I need to get some more the last 5 kilos are the hardest to get rid of that’s how much I need to lose Happy New Year to you and your family Marianne Pratt xx

  2. Ok Nikki, you’ve convinced me. I have a lot of Wheyless in the kitchen sitting unopened. Tomorrow I will try it and get started. I’m sick of myself. I am very unwell with an autoimmune disease, maybe this may help me on my path back to feeling better. Will let you know, love Helen X.

  3. Happy New Year Nikki! I also need to lose some weight. I’ve been menopausal since the age of 35 and am now 53, used to be too thin and able to eat anything now I look at food and I put on weight. I am going to look for someone who also wants to get healthy with me as this will probably be the only way I’ll be able to do it. Keep up the great work Nikki, looking forward to hear how you are going. 🙂

  4. Hi Nikki, Diane Sparkes here. My well wishes on your journey. I am on the Wheyless journey as well needing to lose 10 to 15 kilos that I have put on due to a back injury from work and a major back operation 3 years a ago which has left me on a walker and many very high pain medication for the rest of my life and not being able to work at all for the rest of my life at the age of 53. So depression and weight gain set in. Watching TVSN on New Years day- Health Day something in my mind clicked in and now I am on this journey. I have also just orded the Pilates Reformer from TVSN. So here we go for a new journey and a new Happy and Slimmer me for 2016. Bring it on. Happy New Year Nikki and may it be a happy and blessed year ahead for you.xx

    1. Bless you Diane. I totally empathise. Pain and Depression can definitely hamper any motivation to do anything but “exist” sometimes. I wish you big luck in your journey moving forward. It sounds like you have taken some amazing and positive steps towards your goals. You got this! Blessings Nikx

  5. Good for you Nikki. I thought I was reading a letter to myself (lol) as I too carry my stress around my middle AND I was drinking too much coffee (my poor adrenals) so I have decided to print out your letter and refer to it on a regular basis. I need to be stronger and be in control, so I will buy wheyless and start again! It may not happen for a few weeks at the moment but it WILL happen. Maybe it will help again with my Hashimotos. Thank you Nikki for your inspiration but most of all your honesty. Bless you.

    1. Thank YOU for sharing Dorothy. Wheyless certainly helps with gaining your control back darling. And…that is the first step. Yes, I wear my emotions round my belly lol…I am glad that I may have inspired you positively in the right direction x Brightest Blessings Nikx

  6. Hi Nikki Its Pam from nz I started my journey AGAIN to lose weight I love my wheyless started straight away without thinking after coming back from holidays in Sydney the mirrors tell me your big enough wake up to yourself probably 40 kgs later Ill be happy but one week at a time love Pam

    1. Hi Pam! Good on YOU! You will get there love. Key is to be kind to yourself and not too judgemental I think. Make a Peace Treaty with your body and move gently towards your goal. You’ll do it! Best of luck sweety x Nikx

  7. Read your story Nikki, what an inspiration to others. I started Wheyless about 3 weeks ago. I bought the coffee (I am a coffee addict) I only have it in the morning before I do an hour’s workout at the gym. Wow, I have noticed the energy I now have, and the increase in lifting weights. I am 67. I put on the weight too, due to a back injury way back in 1988. Have to have cortisone injections every 10 weeks, that is a demon for weight plus taking low dosage morphine for the chronic pain. My main reason for taking Wheyless was for the vitamins and the minerals and to give me the power boost at gym. Surprise, surprise, since I started Wheyless on the 10th Jan I have lost 4 kilos and I haven’t finished the first tin of Wheyless still have 2 tins left. I think I have found a friend in Wheyless. My motivational buddy at gym is my husband. Good luck Nikki.

  8. Good on you Nikki, you are one of my favourite presenters, though I like each and everyone of the presenters, you are an inspiration to all other people trying to lose weight. Keep the good work up girlfriend. X

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