A chat with Sacha Drake

We sat down with incredible Australian designer Sacha Drake to chat about fashion and inspiration before she kicks off our Autumn Fashion Week at TVSN!

Join us for the launch show of Fashion Week, Monday 15th February at 10:30am (AEST)!

Sacha Drake_Dec 2015 Portrait Head Shot.jpg

Sacha, what is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite season?


Where does your love for fashion and design stem from?

I always appreciated beauty and design even as a kid and it morphed into clothing design as a teenager.

Take us through your design process – where do you draw your inspiration from, how do you imagine your ladies wearing your clothes?

My inspiration is from fabric, draped to create a flattering proportion, in a striking design, layered with versatility and comfort. It’s great when customers tell me that these are the things they feel when they wear the clothes.

As a designer/problem solver we love that your garments are designed to suit specific body shapes and are made in Australia! Tell us about the fit process – how you fit each garment on yourself?

It’s simple. I fit everything on me as a 14. Then I imagine the different body shapes that could wear it and adjust the fit to ensure it fits as many people as possible.

What do you love about designing for Australian women?

The psychology of understanding their lives and what they need in their wardrobe.

How many designs do you work on at a time? How long does it take you to put together a collection?

I am working on many designs during a collection, which is around 80 pieces. It’s a very organic process, making each piece stand on its own but also feel connected to the whole and the season. This is usually done in a stampede of activity, around 6 weeks, after I’ve chosen all my fabrics.

Who is your dream celebrity to style in one of your gorgeous dresses? (What dress from the Feb collection and who?)

I don’t care about dressing celebrities. I care about female leaders of our society. The contributors, the hard workers, our customers. These are my celebrities!

Best fashion tricks and tips you follow/want to share with your loyal customers?

Dress up not down – you always feel more confident if you are dressed nicely. Spend more on buying less in quality pieces. Your clothes will last longer and you won’t feel overwhelmed trying to choose something to wear.

What are your fashion faux pas?

It’s not so much in the clothes….it’s usually if I am having a bad hair day, I try to compensate by wearing too much make-up! Or buying shoes that there’s no way that I am actually going to wear for more than an hour!

What has been your favourite moment/memory in your career so far?

The last Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival – celebrating 10 years of designers. I designed a pink floral print that I wore in a skirt and the same print was printed on a Mercedes Benz Car. It was too much fun!

What do you love about TVSN?

I love the live reaction to my product from customers. Have I designed the right thing and offered it at the right time. It’s an awesome to interact directly with our customers. It’s a wonderful partnership between product and sales. A real privilege to be part of.

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