Inspiration by Jack French London

We asked the team at Jack French London about their inspiration ahead of their Autumn Fashion Week event at TVSN!

Tell us what is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour tends to vary. New trends and pantones for the season influence me quite a lot. I love how certain colours compliment each other. At the minute, I really love metallic and bronzes tones, however I have always had a soft spot for different shades of purple. As you can imagine, I love the lavender we have used in our SS16 collection.

Where does your love for fashion and design stem from?

My mother went to Art and Textile design college and used to make all of her own clothes, which were very cool and fashionable. Since a child, she has taught me to be independent in my fashion sense and to wear clothing that suits me rather than moulding my preferences solely to the trends at the time. After all, fashion is about personal expression. That is why at Jack French London, we design timeless, iconic pieces and not merely an on trend piece for one current season. A Jack French London handbag is a statement accessory that will become a part of your identity and wardrobe for many years to come.


Take us through your design process – where do you draw your inspiration from, how do you imagine your ladies wearing your handbags.

Our process begins with design research; we will research upcoming colour trends, shapes and silhouettes, textures and new techniques. I usually travel to Paris and Milan for leather trade shows, explore London and the diversity of the city to find the focal point for a new collection. At Jack French London, we design handbags that empower women, to make them feel indulgent as well as keeping versatility in mind. Therefore I would imagine our ladies to wear our handbags with confidence, feeling sophisticated whether they are nipping to the shop or attending a smart event.


How many designs do you work on at a time? How long does it take you to put together a collection?

We aim to design 30 styles a season, sometimes more. Then we sample these styles in different leathers, finishes and sizes and we create a range plan for what we think is right for that season. From start to finish, research to final production, it usually takes a year. So everything is planned very far in advance.


Who is your dream celebrity to style in one of your gorgeous handbags? (What bag from the Feb collection and who?)

Our bags are designed for every life you lead, so I would choose 3 different celebrities to style and wear our handbags to show how versatile our collection can be:

Rosie Huntington Whitley in SS16 The Heath in bronze

Kate Moss in the SS16 Hoxton black

Kate Middleton in the Kennington SS16 in Violet floral.

Heath, Rosemont satchel and tote


Best fashion tricks and tips you follow/want to share with your loyal customers?

The best tips I would share would be to dress for you and not for the trends alone. Find out what makes you comfortable and stick with it; finding current trends that adhere to your tastes and what actually suit you. Accessorising is key. Think ahead and make sure you have the right shoes and handbag for the right occasion. People will always notice this and it will also make your life a lot easier.

What are your fashion faux pas?

I would like to think I don’t have any J. The only minor faux pas I think would be that I forget to put earrings in or I lose them and find out I have been wearing one earring for a day or two. I am hoping that now I understand own sense of style, that I don’t make them anymore.

What has been your favourite moment/memory in your career so far?

I have had many favourite moments in my career. My job allows me to travel a great deal and to meet new people, which is something I love. Other great moments are when all your hard work and creative input comes together in your new collection. It’s so satisficing to see the end result as well as knowing our customers love wearing our handbags.

What do you love about TVSN?

TVSN is a great shopping channel that offers amazing products and customer service including some great fashion brands. The TVSN environment is both friendly and professional!

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