Creating a Collection with Cydney Mar

We asked Cydney Mar to explain the process behind creating a collection and the thought process behind her designs.
I’m dreaming about warm weather and cool breezes, gorgeous flowers and about what it means to be a part of a tribe, a community , a warm inviting group where we all support and help each other ~ I’m sitting in my design studio and I’m thinking about how much we respond to flowers, bouquets, and the easiness of garden fare. I’m drawn to sit out on my balcony and listen to the flowers as they tumble out of the urns, luscious and fragrant. The idea of the Secret Language of Flowers inspires me to reach for extraordinary florals, flowy , ruffly painterly florals and I draw ~ 
It’s so delightful to be getting back to creating a collection of beautiful fashions that are truly about the universal desire for women to feel and look fabulous. I am having the time of my life, sketching, pinning, and draping and seeing everyday fabulous fashions roll off the machines. We are trying the new styles on, tweaking things here and there, thinking about all the different ways to wear… and hoping to be there for everyone’s special moments ~
The sound of the sewing machines whirring and sound of the presses pressing… I can’t even describe the sound of the steam, the vacuum presses and the purr of the sewing machines. I hear laughter and squeals of laughter, as the sewers tease each other while they sew, and the camaraderie that weaves through all that we do ~ Its our tribe of craftsmen, highly skilled workers who help me create my Cydney Mar Fashions. I stop and take a moment to reflect on the fact that, gosh, February in Sydney at TVSN means I’ll have been away a full 6 months. Oh! I am SO delighted to be invited back, so very grateful.
Pondering the beauty of things, I have been studying Sacred Geometry and this inspires me to work within the soft structure of beauty, really, as the lines, planes, curves and more speak to the Universal representation in beauty. It shows up all around us… so in taking a moment to be fully present, I see beyond … Stripes become an interplay of pleats, Triangles become Pyramids and Grids become the Rhythmic repeating design of consistency. I find it so much fun that the mathematics, the shape,  the perfection of numbers is present all around us in the stones on the street, the steeple of churches and the balance in the way a flower is formed.
And that brings me back to being part of the Community, a Tribe as I reach for the perfect Leopard prints and my sketch pad to draw my ideas and bring to life the Tribal Council themed fashions that are on the very tip of my pencil ~  

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