Live From LA Style

Our buying team have pulled the perfect LA travel wardrobe for Carla to take on her big adventure! It can be hard to condense your wardrobe into a small bag of stylish essentials that will take you from sightseeing to shopping to cocktails. Remember, you want to save room in your luggage for shopping! Here are our buyers’ suggestions for hitting LA in style. 

#1 On The Plane:

Start the trip in style by being comfortable and chic on the plane! Pair some comfy pants with a chic cardi and minimal makeup for a fuss-free look.
Simone is looking comfortable and chic in Luxe Collection. Get the look here.

Accessories and Beauty:

Lisa Hoffman Black Bracelet with Mini Bead Bottle; TOVA Signature Luxury Hand Cream Duo; Nick Chavez Soft Flocker with Travel Size; Nick Chavez Prickly Pear Mist Duo; Genie Instant Line Smoother 19ml; Nails Inc The New Whites Trio; Michael Marcus 7 Piece Gloss Set

#2 Sightseeing:

The beautiful sights are just waiting to be seen by your beautiful self. Make sure you look the part and take stunning photographs that will last a lifetime.


Claire is looking fresh and fabulous is Kelly’s Kloset. Shop the look here.

Accessories and Beauty:

Lisa Hoffman Vibrant Collection Fragrance Stretch Bracelet; Nick Chavez Amazon Infinity Mist & Spray Duo;Genie Transformer Wand Duo;Nails Inc Superfood Illuminating Duo – Chelsea; Joan Collins Glamour Essentials $59.95

#3 Shopping:

Here at TVSN, we love shopping for beautiful items to call our own. Stay timeless overseas with effortless looks to enhance your shopping experience.


Claire is elegant and effortless in Hammock & Vine. Shop the look here.

Accessories and Beauty:

Lisa Hoffman Signature Core Fragrance Earrings;Genie Cashmere Mineral Foundation w/ Kabuki Brush; Genie Magic Correcting Pen Duo; Nails Inc Coconut Brights Gel Effect Duo; Joan Collins Class Act Glamorous Lash Duo; Michael Marcus Lipgloss 3 Piece Set

#4 Out for dinner:

Step out in something absolutely fabulous for dinner. Whether you are with your friends or a partner, we have the look to give you that star quality.

Renee is ready to hit the town in Nina Leonard. Shop the look here.

Accessories and Beauty:

Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Drop Necklace w/ Pearl; TOVA Signature Eau de Parfum; Nick Chavez Velvet Mesquite Shampoo & Conditioner; Genie Line Smoothing Foundation SPF 15; Joan Collins Perfectly Matched Chic Collection; Laura Geller GlamLASH Volumising Mascara Duo

#5 Cocktail Night:

Let loose and enjoy yourself for a night of cocktails and glamour. This look keeps you looking drop-dead gorgeous late into the evening.


Renee could be mistaken for a movie star in Sacha Drake. Shop the look here.

Accessories and Beauty:

Lisa Hoffman Gold Fragrance Drop Earrings; TOVA Signature Special Edition EDP & Solid Perfume Compact; Nick Chavez Advanced Volume 4 Piece Collection; Genie Patty’s 30 Seconds to Glamour Kit; Nails Inc Special Effect Foil & Holographic Duo; Laura Geller GlamLASH Volumising Mascara Duo $49.95; Joan Collins Red Carpet Lips

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