Miss Pinklily’s Must Haves

Sascha (aka Miss Pinklily) is our resident organisation expert, and with years of experience designing products for stylish storage, we think she knows a thing or two! We asked Sascha to share her top 5 Pinklily must haves! 

After 11 years of owning and creating my brand pinklily there will always be stand out products which everyone loves, can’t live without and continue buying again and again.

I thought I’d share with you the top 5 that every pinklily addictee owns :

  1. Hangtastic hanger

This coathanger will actually change your life – in a way that it will make you fall back in love with your wardrobe! The hangtastic will create space and allow you to hang every item and keep every item on the hangtastic without creating a “floordrobe”. It has 10 features to create the wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of.

  1. The pinklily clear shoe box

Now all us girls love our shoes, but it was always so hard to organise and store them neatly! Keeping shoes in their original cardboard boxes wasn’t the answer as you didn’t know which pair was which and opening and closing the lids was a nightmare. So I designed the pinklily clear shoe box.

“Cinderella lost her shoe now keep yours in clear view “


The pinklily clear shoe box allows you to store your shoes “ in pairs” and you’re able to see through the box to know where they are!

The box has been designed so that you can stack as many of the boxes on top of each other as there are no lids. Made of an extremely strong plastic – the strength is in the sides  – so girls keep shopping for gorgeous shoes and bring them home to perfect organisation!

3. Lingerie boxes

There’s nothing worse than constantly wearing the same underwear day after day, week after week, bras all mixed up with pants and socks rolling through your divine lingerie.

So I designed a clear tray which you use to divide up your drawers.  I’d love you to separate bras, separate  pants  from g-strings and don’t confuse sports socks with hosiery! It’s so simple – the boxes arrive flat packed and you just bend them to form a tray which slides into your drawers.

4. The handbag garage

Now this design was a little tricky – all of our handbags are completely different sizes, so I needed to create a clear strong box to store not only large tote bags but also little clutch bags.

The handbag garage is so versatile – you can lay your tote bags flat on top of each other – up to about 12 or you can use the dividers that are included and then you are able to line your clutch handbags up like little soldiers!

You can easily see your handbags – the handbag garage protects them from dust and you’re also using all your bags instead of carrying the same bag around all the time!

handbag garage

5. Organza slips

No more old plastic suit packs to store your gorgeous dresses!

I wanted to create a glamorous slip to go over your precious items – a slip which protects your item from dust, make up and sequins falling off – a slip which you can still see your item so that you remember you own it!

The pinklily organza slip is so beautiful – it isn’t sewn across at the bottom so your garment can be any length. The slip can be used for those special occasion dresses or any pale coloured clothing eg. a white shirt that be always getting marks on it.

Over the years there have been many different colours in the pinklily organza slip – white, black, lavender and even a hot pink (who would have thought)!  There are always 2 x different sizes available – the mini for jackets and shirts and the original for your Cinderella frocks !

I wish I was able to tell you the amount of Australian celebrities who have these slips in their wardrobes… But I’m sorry I can’t – xxxx –

organza slip

Enjoy the world of pinklily, and enjoy being glamorously organised!

Love Sascha

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