Gem Week – Be Transported

We’re excited to transport you around the world this week as we discover exotic treasures from far away places! Join us each evening at 5:30pm AEST, when we will be showcasing our rarest and most beautiful finds. For a sneak peak, take a look below and start dressing your necks, fingers, ears and outfits with astounding jewellery found nowhere else!

Colours of Tanzanite

Beautiful Tanzanite is a stunning violet-blue gem sourced from the East African state of Tanzania alone, and comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and soft, feminine tones. Tanzanite’s fantastic colours are their distinguishing factor and will captivate you. From deep blue, to violet, to soft lavenders, this gorgeous range will set you apart.

Gem Tanz

Fire Opal

A unique and admired symbol of love in ancient times, the Fire Opal is a fierce catch. Found in Mexico, these treasures are hidden in cavities and crevices near volcanoes. Their warm and vibrant colours are exciting and bold, seen in their audacious reds, oranges and yellows. With such exhilarating colours, this gem is a natural find and will be a joy to wear.

Gem Fire

Brazilian Quartz

Found in colourful Brazil, these stones are exotic and original. If you’re looking to impress with something bold, then you’ll love our enchanting Brazilian Quartz! Its unique colour range makes it a mesmerising option to add glamour to your outfit.

Gem Braz

Paraiba Tourmaline

The rarest and most valuable out of all the gems in the Tourmaline family. With exceptionally vivid tones ranging from blue to green, it is no wonder why many pine over their enchantment. Found on the tropical coast of Paraiba in Brazil, its appearance reminds you of their soft sand and aqua blue waters. This fresh, delightful Tourmaline has become the most sought after in the world and its popularity continues to rise as more become enthralled by it.

 Gem Paraiba


These amazing stones are taking the gem-world by storm. Discovered in the foothills of Tibet, these gemstones have been given as gifts of love in Tibetan culture for generations. These 100% untreated gemstones are embedded 6,000 meters above sea level in a frozen area with limited oxygen supply. Alternating in pastel oranges, fiery reds and soft greens, their brilliant colours are eye-catching, making them a rare and desirable find.

Gem Tibetanite

Madagascan Apatite

An ancient stone giving you a passage way into timeless elegance. It boasts colour intensity and gives you a sense of opulence unmatched by any other gem. Their colours are light and fresh, with sparkling blues and nature greens, connecting you with the world. With its delicacy and striking appeal, these gems make dazzling earrings and pendants.

Gem Apatite

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