Meet Mr Christmas!

It brings us great excitement to bring this tradition and holiday of Christmas in July to Australia and New Zealand where we will launch it for the FIRST time.  We hope that you will not wait to get a jump start on the season and we are honoured to bring many of these new products from the US to share with you here in Australia and New Zealand.

Merril Hermanson is the lead product developer and designer for Mr. Christmas and Hummingbird brands:

Mr. Christmas was started in 1933 by my grandfather and my namesake!  While living in West Virginia in 1933, Merril senior started out his career by decorating store windows.  When customers started asking to buy things from his displays, he realized that he could make a business out of this!  Finally, when he saw how people were inspired by the 170652a6-2holidays, Merril too, was inspired.  From 1933 until today, Mr. Christmas has been a worldwide leader in holiday animation, décor, music and lighting.  I personally became
inspired to join the family business with my father and sister in 2010 when I realized that I inherently shared the creativity and ambition of my family.   Over the past 10 years we have grown to incorporate more year-round home décor and solutions products.  I have been very invested in this development as I am constantly traveling and being inspired by trends and designs all over the world.

I love everything about my job.  Whether thinking up new product concepts, working with my designers and engineers to make my visions into reality, traveling the world selling and discovering new products or just working with my wonderful team and family, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  I am so inspired and grateful for Mr. Christmas, what we make and who we make it for.


My favourite thing about Christmas is the tradition, the magic and the memories.  In so many ways, Mr. Christmas tries to encapsulate these into every product that we make.  We create quality products that are built to last.  Each one holds the magic that we hope will become a part of your family’s Christmas tradition.  Something that you will bring out year after year, that your children and grandchildren to remember.  From our family to yours, we hope that you bring these traditions to life by sharing them with those around you.

Finally, Christmas in July is all about getting the hottest new products and getting them early!  It will allow you to get the best deals of the season on these new items.  Don’t wait until you have one month to go and all of your shopping to do!  Particularly for all of you in the southern Hemisphere, don’t waste your summer on Christmas shopping.  Also, these hot new products will run out…so we highly recommend buying now and NOT waiting.


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