Christmas in July Chocko Patties Recipe

Recently we asked you to share your favorite Christmas in July recipe with us. We were thrilled to have so many delicious entries and gave the honors of choosing the winner to Gabby!


We are delighted to announce the winning recipe is Chocko Patties!

Christmas in July Comp Recipe


We will be cooking this recipe on the Philips in the Kitchen show tonight at 8:30pm, or you can try it out for yourself!

Peel and grate chockos (zuchini).

Add salt and leave for a while, drain water.

Add eggs, onion, garlic, parsley, ground black pepper and plain flour.

Mix together and fry dessert spoon full in hot extra virgin oil.

Add corn to mixture if desired. Serve hot or cold.

So easy to prepare for Xmas no matter what weather, it is delicious and loved by our family and friends


We hope you enjoy this recipe and have a great Christmas in July!

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July Chocko Patties Recipe

  1. I have cooked this recipe many times but have now added SR flour as well to the mixture and have baked it in a rectangle casserole dish then cut into slices. Rice Bran oil is also a good change in frying. Many compliments given.

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