PRAI Black Orchid Launch

PRAI redefines beauty through creating completely ethical and age-defying beauty products! Their exclusive and signature ingredient, PRAI Root essence, is infused into all of their products and is overflowing with restorative benefits for your skin! As PRAI are passionate about challenging the norm, they steer clear from testing on animals and choose instead to focus their attention on high-performance ingredients. Women of all kinds can see the difference PRAI skincare makes to their lives and can look forward to skin that looks and feels luxuriously soft, silky and healthy!

PRAI continually recreates themselves to remain at the forefront of innovative skincare technology. The launch of their new Black Orchid range has placed them ahead of the curb and aims to reactivate your skin’s youth and enhance its natural glow. By combining their original formula with Black Orchid Extract, they target all of your skin’s signs of aging and help it to appear younger and more radiant!


1) PRAI Black Orchid Youth Activating Luxe Serum 30ml.




If you are looking to increase your skin’s resilience and bring back its youth, the PRAI Black Orchid Youth Activating Luxe Serum is perfect for you! This plant-based serum, infused with Collageneer, Epigenomyl and Black Orchid Extract restores your skin’s firmness and elasticity, giving you softer, younger-looking skin!


2) PRAI Black Orchid Youth Activating Luxe Creme 30ml




Indulge in your skincare routine and fall in love with this luxurious creme! The luscious PRAI Black Orchid Youth Activating Luxe Creme will keep your skin looking fresh, and feeling smoother and velvety to the touch. Just deeply moisturise and immerse yourself in its hydrating qualities, luxe qualities.


Love your skin and bring out your natural glow with PRAI! Enjoy having guilt-free, youthful skin that is soft to the touch and exceedingly radiant.

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