What has Charlie Lapson been up to?

Hello my lovely friends,


Greetings from Hollywood.  Hope you’ve been well.

I’ve been quite busy since my last visit to Australia in May. There’s always an event going on in this town, and everyone needs some jewels to help them sparkle.IMG_0908

One of my dear friends and clients received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.   Her name is Angelica Maria and she’s an iconic American and Mexican
actress.  It’s a great honour to have a ceremony on Hollywood Blvd, having your star revealed to the media and other actors , with lots of press and paparazzi everywhere.

She wanted to shine bright, which allowed me to came up with diamond earrings, rings and a bracelet to accent her look.

What a fantastic experience to be part of, with millions of people watching.

Jetting over to Las Vegas for the Miss USA pageant where I styled some lovely ladies.  They request big bling jewellery for their walk on the red carpet.  We also worked with some international contestants who are preparing for the Miss Universe pageant. We need to work far in advance to create the best looks for these gorgeous women.

IMG_2561My New York associates needed me to come in for a big training session for Top Model Latina.  The pageant takes place in the next few months and now we need to prepare the contestants so they’ll have the perfect walk, hair and makeup, and the fashion and accessories that will make them stand out.  I designed several new jewellery items for them that mix rose gold and white gold for a fresh feel.  In fact, I’ve added some of these looks to my collection at TVSN, and I think you’ll love them!

I’m a big fan of Broadway in NYC, as I grew up there and had the chance to attend fantastic shows.  One of my favourite was the award winning hit “DREAMGIRLS” (later on the movie was made starring Beyonce)

Years ago I become friendly with the original cast and began to help style them with my fashion, handbags and jewellery for their special appearances all over the world.

IMG_2590I received a call that they were having the 35th reunion show in LA and they asked me to bring my Charlie Lapson jewels … what an honour to work with these fabulous entertainers.  And one of the guests who I also worked with was Mary Wilson of the Supremes.  Her music is legendary.  Creating jewellery for them was very fulfilling and watching them sparkle on stage was a treat.


So many other fun events betweis exclusive evening as the show was being put together for her tour.  She’s certainly someone I’m very proud to have wear my creations.en Miami, NYC, Las Vegas, and LA, I’ve certainly been keeping busy.

But the top experience for me was to go to the private rehearsal for Barbra Streisand’s concert.   I was invited to this exclusive evening as the show was being put together for her tour.  She’s certainly someone I’m very proud to have wear my creations.

Now back to designing and preparing for my visit to Australia.  Looking forward to sharing my new collection with you.

Big hugs

Charlie Lapson




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