Bella Bodies New Spring Launch!


Don’t we all just love Spring!  Well, Bella Bodies just absolutely adores Spring.  More parties, more fun and just generally a happier feel all round.   Ha ha but everyone knows that when we say Bella Bodies we mean myself, Michel the brand’s founder and creator

So a huge hello to all my lovely TVSN family.   All of a sudden the warmer weather has quickly jumped on us and we are throwing out those old jumpers and opting for either last year’s summer clothing or if you are lucky you have already been shopping and have something new and exciting to wear.

What is it about us woman, we never seem to have enough to wear!   Well that’s for TVSN’s Fashion Accessories department to assist you with while Bella Bodies is here to make sure you are firmed, cooled, shaped and overall super comfortable to take you through the entire summer weather and match with your wardrobe.

kate-bamboo-bodysuit-lr-black-2This spring, I am so excited to be introducing our New Bamboo Viscose Firming Panty and
bringing back one of my absolute favourites the Gorgeous Bamboo Viscose Slip with spaghetti straps.   Beautiful Bamboo Viscose  fabric that gives great body coverage while still being super breathable and incredibly versatile.  Wear under all your Silk Island and Katherine Kelly Lang Kaftans for a smoother coverage.  Both Chris and Katherine are avid fans of the Bamboo Viscose Slip as they help give an extra layer and comfort due to the moisture wicking properties that the fabric has, leaving you cool and comfortable. I often wear these under a soft see through or very light shirt or dress as it gives me extra length and coverage over my thighs but creates a simple layering effect. I recently saw our Nikki wear this as a dress paired with a soft summer cape, she looked incredible of course LOL.

Tuck the slip into a skirt, throw a mesh bolero over it and you have an instant outfit that’s cool and comfortable. Throw over a pair of trousers team with kaftan and you have a dramatic fashionable artistic   look without feeling overheated.  A total classic, super durable and requires no ironing.

9477Our New Bamboo Viscose Firming panty is going to be an incredible addition worn with the Bamboo Viscose Slip

All with great benefits of the Bamboo Viscose knickers that you already love but with a
couple of extra bonuses.  We have engineered a higher waist, knitted a firming panel for the tummy and love handles and it still has the same comfort and full bottom coverage. These new panties are going to firm, shape while not creating any heat.  No jelly belly and completely comfortable.  Worn with the Bamboo Viscose slip will create a slimmer silhouette with all of your entire summer wardrobe.

I can’t wait to connect with you all very soon and I take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your love and support over the past 10 years and as I have said many times that I wouldn’t have this business if it wasn’t for all your feedback and comments.  Muchly appreciated. Loads of Love and best wishes to you all

Michel xxxx


6 thoughts on “Bella Bodies New Spring Launch!

    1. Hi Carol,

      They are extremely popular! Unfortunately we will not be restocking this visit.

      Keep an eye out in case they pop back into stock, but they will no longer be at the TSO price if they do.

  1. Hi Michel
    I recently ordered the sleeveless shaping camyz in Size ‘M’ which were a little small for me so gave them to my daughter intending to purchase the next size up in ‘V’ because I loved the smoothing style of them however wss disappointed to find all colours in size V are sold out 😣 So pleeaasse tell me you’ll be featuring these again on your next show…

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