Gems Around The World

Join the Gem Adventurer™ team today as we Discover the Unknown for Gems around the World Day. Learn the secrets of our world’s most unique treasures and become a seasoned traveler in your own home.

First off at 9:30am with Gavin Linsell is the global launch of Roshoite, pure vivid purple gemstones from Chimoio in Mozambique’s Manica Province. Only unearthed in August 2015, Roshoite is a rare color variety of Rhodolite, and one of the rarest Garnets, whose unique hue is a truly unique discovery. Roshoite’s name is aptly derived from the Portuguese (the main language in Mozambique, a former Portuguese colony) word for purple, ‘roxo’ (pronounced row-sho or rosh) and the Greek ‘lithos’ meaning stone.

698593a6 - ros.jpgThe beautiful intrigue of this new discovery is its color, an important aspect of a gemstone’s value. Pur vivid purples are the unicorn of Rhodolite and this hue is not normally seen in this grape and raspberry pink, red, purple blended gemstone. Good cutting accentuates the innate beauty of Roshoite and every gem is finished eye-clean, the highest quality clarity grade for colored gemstones, with an attractive shape and overall appearance.

Given its natural pedigree, beauty and rarity, we rank Roshoite similar to its highly valued cousins; mandarin Spessartite and forest green Tsavorite. Roshoite is also not enhanced unlike many stones on the market. Despite its beauty, production is currently very limited. This is the first time Gavin has seen Garnets with such pure vivid purples and he’s delighted to be on-hand for the global premiere of this very special jewelry collection.


698168a6 - jil.jpgAt 1:30pm Eli Rifkind is back with another jewelry collection featuring August’s birthstone, the ever popular Jilin Peridot. Incredibly beautiful, Jilin Peridot is a perfect blend of bright grass greens and golden highlights with an attractive ‘sleepy’ appearance and shining glow, looking good in all lighting. Jilin Peridot hails from an area in north eastern China, historically known as Manchuria, a region rich in natural resources and beauty with many lakes, rivers and mountains. Noted for its attractive and vibrant golden hued greens and fine quality, Jilin Peridot is also a natural gemstone, receiving no treatments or enhancements, further accentuating its rarity.


699033a6-neonLast but not least, Eli is back at 5:30pm for the launch of a beautiful jewelry collection showcasing Goiás Neon Apatite. While Apatite is a hugely popular gemstone that comes in almost every shade of blue, the bright, electric neon blues of Goiás Neon Apatite are extremely rare and especially coveted.

Goiás Neon Apatite comes from the Posse Mine in the Mara Rosa District of the Brazilian state of Goiás (pronounced ‘goy-ice’), which is located in the Centre-West region of the country. Interestingly, aside from gemstones, the deposit also yields gold. The geological scarcity of Goiás Neon Apatite’s top electric blues are accentuated by faceting difficulties.

Visually similar to the famed Paraíba Tourmaline, Goiás Neon Apatite’s electric blues are sure to be a big hit; don’t miss out of your chance to add this beautiful gem to your jewelry box!

Goiás Neon Apatite_NoLogo_HI - Copy 2.jpg

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