Greetings from Hollywood

share_imageGreetings from Hollywood !

Hope this finds everyone doing well.

I’ve been keeping quite busy since the last TVSN visit.

In LA we had the Emmy Awards, which were surrounded by lots of events where I styled dozens of clients, helping them to sparkle on the red carpets.

In Miami there was an international award show with actors from Latin America and around the world. Very colourful and festive, and my styling work reflected the tropical environment.

In New York, I styled  the Top Model TV show, and the competition to outdo each other was massive. Each contestant had to look her best as the world viewed and decided who would reign for 2017.

And along with that, I worked closely with Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe, as she moved to Los Angeles for her TV career.


Overall the theme was the same for all these women… they wanted to stand out in a crowd. My goal was to have each one feel happy with her own look, and it’s the same for my beautiful ladies in Australia and New Zealand. Adding a special pair of earrings or a unique ring to your wardrobe can be the subtle touch to make you feel fabulous.

As the holidays approach and Christmas parties begin, let your “bling” help you shine. Try stacking several rings, wearing 3 or 4 at a time across your fingers… frame your face with spectacular earrings so your holiday photos will reflect the beautiful princess you are.


I’m really looking forward to being with you on 14th, 15th & 16th  November on TVSN with my new Charlie Lapson Diamonesque Collection


Hugs from. Hollywood,

Charlie xxxx

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