21 Reasons to Love TVSN

Hip, hip, hooray! TVSN turns 21 and we are so excited to celebrate! Bring on the birthday celebrations!

Tune in over December 3 and 4 for our birthday weekend full of fun and surprises!

There are many reasons to rejoice when we reach another milestone. Many reasons for us to love being around and for you to love being a part of the TVSN family. Celebrate with us and have a read of what our favourite reasons are for why we are the most-loved TV shopping network (not in order of course – because how could we choose!).

If your reason of why you love TVSN isn’t there, we would love to hear what it is! Send us an email or better yet, comment on this blog post to let us know!


  1. presenter-shoots-12-11-1516931Our lively, informative and enthusiastic presenters

Each and every one of our presenters love what they do, love who they do it for and love the products they present. We are very lucky to have such hardworking, animated people who come in everyday to give you an entertaining show and some amazing deals.

Read about our presenters here: https://www.itvsn.com.au/itvsn/presenters/index.shtml



  1. Our thoughtful and knowledgeable TVSN Call Centre

Our dedicated Customer Care Team are right here on-site in Frenchs Forest and can be contacted any time of the day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They listen empathetically, understand where you are coming from and love being able to have direct contact with you – our customers!


  1. Amazing deals

Whatever you are looking for, we are sure we have a great price for it that you just can’t say no to! And don’t forget, if you order one or more items, you can save 50% off the total postage charge with our Multi-Pack discount.


  1. presenter-celendar-10-1115425TVSN is always open

TVSN is always open, so you can shop whenever you want – 24-hours a day. You can watch us on Foxtel Channel 176, Freeview Channel 14 (Metro) or Freeview Channel 84 (Regional) so you can satisfy your shopping fix at any time of the day.


  1. Risk-free shopping

Shop without fear and anxiety at TVSN! If your purchase isn’t quite right, with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee you can send it straight back – no questions asked!


  1. Fast delivery anywhere in Australia

In most cases, we’ll despatch your order within 48 hours of payment! Who doesn’t love that!


  1. presenter-shoots-12-11-1517523You are spoilt for choice at TVSN

With over8,000 products to choose from at any one time, and approximately 1,000 new products each month, shopping online gives you everything you need, all in one space!


  1. We keep it social

We can’t help but love chatting with our customers one-to-one and seeing them enjoying our products or events! That’s why we have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and this blog! This way, we can regularly update you with new products, deals and exciting things and you can tell us what you are loving about TVSN!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tvsn/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TVSNLIVE/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tvsn

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TVSNLIVE


  1. presenter-shoots-12-11-1517235We have an amazing range of products

Our buyers travel the world searching for new, unique and quality products, emerging trends and brands that we know our customers will just love! And many of the products are found right here in Australia.


  1. There are three easy ways to shop!
  • Order online and enjoy the freedom to shop, wherever you are!
  • You can also call our friendly Customer Care team on 13 23 10 who are always here to take your order, any time of the day or night.
  • After your first order, you’ll be given your very own Licence to Shop number which also gives you access to our automated phone ordering system – TVSN Easy Order. Call 13 23 10 and just follow the prompts to skip the queue and place your order even faster!


  1. blog-1We love to give back

With our Charity of Choice program, we have the opportunity to deeply engage with and support one new charity each quarter. This way, you can help us create greater awareness with each charity and bring them to the forefronts of people’s minds.


  1. Our entertaining events

From live-audience shows, hilarious celebrity challenges to blog-2more intimate events, we are known for giving our customers quite a show!


  1. Shopper’s Guide

We love being able to give you a beautiful, tangible version of TVSN in your very own home! Our Shopper’s Guides give us the opportunity to do that, and give you the opportunity to flick through and have a look in your leisure time.


  1. dsc_2039Exotic gems

With our team of experts at hand, we give our customers the most exciting Gemstones from around the world! You can wear a piece of rare, jaw-dropping jewellery from TVSN.



  1. Innovative skincare

From Skinn, to Elizabeth Grant, to Ciencia8, to much, much more, we have your skin covered! Rediscover youth and glowing skin with our fantastic brands.



  1. presenter-calender-9-11-1514634We light the fire in your kitchen desires

When you’re in the kitchen, our appliances will make you fall in love with cooking again! We love introducing inventive new gadgets into your life that will transform your cooking! Plus, our live demonstrations on air are perfect for mastering each product!



  1. Fashion at every size

Our clothes brands are for each and every woman at each and every size! Flaunt your curves, feel incredible in your skin and love what you wear with TVSN!



  1. We have close contact with our brands

We communicate regularly with each of our brands to ensure we have great relations with them and can call them our friends and suppliers for years to come!

  1. Up-to-date with upcoming trends

Whatever the season and whatever the product, we are on the edge of upcoming trends! You can be sure that you will remain ahead of the curve with TVSN as we give you new, innovative and inventive products to choose from.


  1. presenter-celendar-10-1115591We care about your wellbeing

We want you to feel the best you can possibly feel! So we have a range of health and active products that will have you feeling great and ready to take on the world! From hydrating drinks from Carla Oates, to sweat-breaking equipment from Spirit Fitness, to nutritional supplements from Wheyless – we have got all of your bases covered.



  1. presenter-calender-9-11-1514985WE LOVE YOU

We would not be here today without the love and support from YOU. We are thankful for everything you have given us and cannot wait to be in your lives (and for you to be in our lives) for many more years to come!


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