How to make your New Year’s Resolution Stick

It can be easy to make fun, crazy or significant New Year’s resolutions in the heat of the moment when it seems like the world is filled with limitless possibilities. However, it is a lot harder actually sticking to them for the whole year than originally thought! So what does it take to see our resolutions come true?




  1. Understand that New Year’s Day is just another day

Take the pressure off yourself by realising that making resolutions on this day is no different from making a resolution on any other day. While it’s a convenient time to start making a change in your life, placing too much emphasis on it being a brand new start is unrealistic. Think of it as more of a jumping-off point.

Once you take the pressure off yourself to start your resolution straight away you will find yourself wanting to fulfil it, instead of resenting it.


  1. Write down your resolutions

Writing down your resolution creates a greater connection between your ‘thinking self’ and your ‘doing self’. Plus, it makes the resolution appear more real than if you simply think it in your head!

We have found that if you write it and put it on your fridge door, your mirror, in your car, etc. you are constantly reminded of your resolution and are more likely to stick to it. Putting your resolution front of mind challenges that part of you that might want to have a cheat day, or take a break.




  1. Focus on one change at a time.

Break the changes down into smaller increments and focus on one single resolution at a time. Your focus and energies won’t be spread too thinly this way and you can give the single resolution all of your attention.

Breaking down the resolutions this way also creates great targets for yourself, and once achieved will give you that extra boost to continue on your journey.


  1. Stop “all or nothing” thinking

Are you guilty of “all or nothing” thinking? Do you ever think, “Well, I might as well get dessert since I already ate that burger?” And then, “I blew my diet last night so I’ll just restart it next week.” There is a huge difference between doing something rather than nothing. If you don’t have a full hour to workout at the gym, choose to make it the best 20-minutes you can. If you have a slight cold or minor injury, just walk the track for a couple kilometres. The bottom line is, any effort towards your goal is better than not doing anything or postponing it further.





  1. Get up, when you slip up.

Remember: none of us are perfect. Resiliency is the key. Don’t turn relapses or temporary failures into excuses for giving up. Instead, just acknowledge the mistake and recommit to the path.

Sharing your resolutions with friends is also a great way to stay focussed and they can provide that extra helping hand when you are needing it the most.


Here at TVSN, we would love to wish you luck on your 2017 journey to change! Whatever change it may be, big or small, we know you can do it. Let this New Year bring out an amazing and beautiful new you! Share your resolutions with us!

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