What Soothes Sophie’s Soul

During Wellness Weekend we held a competition on the TVSN Facebook to find the TVSN Blogger.


We are very excited to introduce Sophie, the TVSN Blogger!

You can read her first blog post below, about what products soothe her soul.


When it came to choosing a TVSN product that soothes the soul, there were a few different options that crossed my mind.  As a self-confessed beauty junkie, I thought of (attempting to choose!) one of the many amazing beauty products that I use from TVSN, because I believe that when you look and feel good on the outside, it transfers to the inside.  Also on the subject of feeling good on the inside, I considered the Carla Oates Glow Inner Beauty Powder and Flora ProBiotics.  As someone who no longer takes their health for granted, these products have assisted my digestive system, and given me peace of mind in knowing I’m doing something positive for my wellbeing.


However when it came down to choosing that one product that soothes my soul, I looked no further than the object right next to me – my Himalayan Salt Lamp, shaped in its most “organic” form. Once lit, the visual beauty of the Himalayan salt is revealed, and it becomes the focal point of the room. It’s the first thing that catches my eye when I enter the room, and the last thing I notice as I’m leaving.

As the light radiates out from the central core, it illuminates every part of the lamp in sunset-reminiscent shades of orange toned pinks, with random variations resulting from the unique formations and texture of the salt. There is something grounding and calming about the lamp that cannot be described, but only felt.


Once the sun sets and the natural light fades from the room, the Himalayan Salt Lamp continues to glow in its warm hues of colour, creating an inviting and comforting ambience in an otherwise dark room or area of the house. It is a unique alternative to a night light or a table lamp, and gives me a reason to just “take time out” for a couple of minutes, and do nothing else but gaze at this lamp.

For me, there is nothing more soul soothing than something from the earth, and a reminder of the natural beauty that exists not just on the surface of the earth, but also beneath it.


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