Five Ways to Make Time for YOU

Life can be so busy sometimes, so busy in fact that we seem to take care of everyone but ourselves. Then we get to the point where we forget how to take care of our needs also, and what that looks like.

In today’s day and age, it is now more important than ever that you find time to make time for you and your happiness. You deserve some “me-time” also! To reduce the stress of trying to figure out how to start, we have created a simple list of five ways to make time for YOU this February to get you to start putting yourself first.


  1. Set your alarm earlier

Mornings are fresh, new and inspiring! Sometimes it’s nice to wake up a little earlier than our families, and enjoy that stillness in the house before the rough and tumble begins. That way, you can wake up in your own time, settle into the day with a cup of tea and enjoy the peace however you may choose.

It also means that you can take the time to feel ready to take on the day! You don’t need to rush to sort out your hair or makeup, but can take as long as you need and enjoy a moment of peace. .

So if you need a little longer in the morning to get ready and feel special – follow this one simple step and set your alarm a little earlier! That way you can treat yourself each morning and set time aside to get gorgeous with the help of the incredible beauty products from Cargo Cosmetics. Lift your mood with a bright, bold lipstick or a sophisticated eye liner, that is sure to have you feeling confident and help you start your day right!

Or fill your hair with the rich essentials from Oscar Blandi Haircare and style it effortlessly with the Beachwaver Hair Styling. Having hair flow in generous locks down your face and that softness will make you feel amazing.

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  1. Listen to your body’s needs

Your body should be your best friend! It has been, and will continue to be, with you throughout your whole life! Now that’s a long-term relationship!

So be kind to yourself. When you view your body as something that you need to invest in, you will start treating it the way it needs to be treated and will start to see the benefits that ensue.

Every body is different! So if yours needs to be active and move around – let it! Grab your Legmaster, tone your legs and workout for that fitter and happier body.

By listening to your body’s needs you will find that you could have more energy, feel stronger, happier or even feel a shift in your energy. It is as simple as that.

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  1. Find your essentials

Make time for YOU by prioritising the things in your heart that you have always wanted to achieve!

Start making a list of everything you have ever wanted to do… and do it! Search for the adventures you long for and begin to tick them off. Don’t let the fear of failure take you away from doing what you really want to do.

Writing a list of goals and dreams are powerful! When it is written down, it is more tangible and you are more likely to make room for them in your life.


  1. Wear your soul

Make sure you choose clothes that make you feel incredible! You really do get the most out of your day when what you are wearing is authentically you and unbelievably beautiful. Be true to yourself with your style and start feeling great!

We love the way that Kelly’s Kloset Kaftans drape so elegantly on all bodies. Indulging in the luxurious materials as it slides down your figure will automatically boost your confidence and help your soul shine through!

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  1. Learn to say “no”

It’s okay to say “no” to others. Saying no to others can be hard because we don’t want to disappoint anyone particularly friends and family. But saying “no” now means that you can say “yes” to more things later on that you may be passionate about.

Don’t feel guilty for scheduling some “me time” for yourself. You’re just as important to take care of as dirty clothes or dishes. Try and make sure you’re taking care of yourself daily – even if it’s only for a few minutes a day relaxing or doing something you love.

There are some things you can never have back. Your time, your health, your happiness, your life. They are important. While it’s okay for people to ask you requests from time to time, it’s just as okay for you to say no.


Try and put some of these habits into place and see if any of them can help you to relax and enjoy life to the fullest! Or have we missed a really great way to unwind and make time for yourself? Let us (and your TVSN friends reading this) know by putting it in the comments below!



One thought on “Five Ways to Make Time for YOU

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely email. So I can look good in the prime of my life I have today purchased the Beachwaver.  I have short hair just like Marnie and I am going to give it a good go.  Cheers  Nola 

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