Red Carpet Ready Day

Make a statement on Red Carpet Ready Day! With awards season in full swing, let TVSN indulge your inner star with our most luxurious products. From hair, to makeup, to clothes, we have got you covered from head-to-toe!

Red Carpet Ready Tips from Charlie Lapson

Greetings my dears!  This time of year is quite magical in the land of Hollywood.  Award shows, events and parties happening daily … sometimes as many as 6 each day during what’s known as Award Season.It’s an opportunity for actors and singers to get dressed up and capture the attention of the press, as paparazzi are calling their names while they walk the Red Carpet.

Many look great as they parade around, doing their interviews and posing. And then there are some that look spectacular, standing out from the rest, and are assured of getting into the magazines and newspapers while the world talks about them.

How do I create that super glam image for the stars to get them noticed? What are my secrets?

The Charlie Lapson key to success is preparation.

img_1555I begin working with actors two months before an event. We plan out the look they want to go for and consider the options of styles.  Trying on dresses by a range of designers takes effort and patience  (much the same when you’re searching for that perfect holiday outfit, or Mother of the Bride dress) … you have to feel good in it.

Once we decide on that and the fitting is done, we move on to shoes and accessories.  Comfort is key, but also we need to be on trend because now there are “shoe-cams” where the interviewer has the camera surround the feet for a close up shot !!

That takes me to the next part, about mani-pedicures. Toenails should have the same care as your fingernails, and the varnish color should match. Usually a neutral, beige, pale pink or French tip is always safe and classy.  Certainly there are great colors to choose from as wine, black and greens are trending, but for a special event like this we want the dress and accessories to make the biggest impression.

Moving on to the jewellery. The selection is done by considering the style of the dress, the amount of details in beading, embellishment, pattern, neckline, sleeves, texture, and potential hair style.img_1460

I’ll then display several choices of earrings, rings and bracelets, and if needed, options of necklaces.  We want to be sure that the face is framed beautifully with a dazzling pair of earrings.  When a close up

shot is taken of the face, the earrings are the only accessories that can be seen, so they need to be right.

Then a few days before the event, I’ll do a rehearsal.  We’ll have the hairstylist give creative input as to style options.  I’ll bring along photos of great beauty concepts and then we try a few looks.  Sometimes the actress will have short hair, so extensions are prepared. Sometimes the color of the hair needs to be adjusted to fit the overall image we want.  Sometimes we opt to go outrageous and change things completely to be certain that people talk.

Once all these parts have been decided we’ll then move on to makeup and consult with the artist, and start experimenting with color. Almost all preparation includes adding on eyelashes, usually individually. Then we’ll narrow down the main shades, the accent, the eye details and the lips.  If all goes well, the hair and makeup can be decided in a few hours.

img_1547The night before the event, I encourage the actress to rest and have a light healthful meal, drink lots of water and do a face mask before bed so that the next morning she’ll be in great shape.

Then the big day comes and we start early.  The hair and make up are worked on… usually about 2 hours, then the dress is put on, final hair treatments done, then the jewelry is tried with the complete outfit modeled.  We make the decisions of which pieces will best tell her story and it’s at that time we can see how all components work together.

My various options of jewels are on the tray so I can make a quick switch out, decide if there should be 2 rings or 3, if a bracelet is OK on its own or do we stack 3 of them.

Next the lipstick goes on, the clutch is filled with extra makeup for touchups and she’s out the door into the limo to head to the red carpet.

Now, I realize that this process is done with the assistance of a team, with various people who specialise in different areas of expertise.

img_1558But, the method I’ve laid out can be the same for you.

Be prepared and follow the steps on your own, or with a girlfriend or a family member to give you feedback

If you can plan your special occasion look a month in advance, it will give you plenty of time to choose all the right components and give yourself options.  Always have a backup item at the last minute in case a zipper gets stuck or a heel breaks or the lipstick drops somewhere and disappears.

The most important factor for your own Red Carpet look is how you carry yourself when you walk into the room all dressed up and gorgeous.  Your smile will speak volumes for you, and the confidence you exude will make people want to learn your beauty secrets and tips of how you got Red Carpet Ready !



How You Get Red Carpet Ready with Dallas Prince


Celebrities have a much easier task on the Red Carpet than you would imagine because of their endless staff of handlers.  We see the beautiful result of many weeks (or months) of preparation that ends with the glamorous fashion, flawless skin, bright eyes and perfect hair.   A Red Carpet look must be completely “Head to Toe”……

For most of my life, my career has been spent in front of the camera.  As time marches on, my skill set for on-camera preparation has been perfected!  Whether it is 6 weeks or 6 days, give me an event date and I will give you my new & improved self.

Red Carpet Checklist

    • Mark the date on your calendar and plan your Red Carpet Strategy based on the amount of time you have.   Regardless of the length of time to prepare, make a plan!   And, the plan must start with you.
    • SKIN-
      • Identify any issues and take care of those first.  Celebrities go to the Dermatologist……. I go to my bathroom mirror.  Note:  You cannot do anything drastic unless your event is at least 2-3 weeks out.  Four simple steps can change your skin so quickly.  Every morning & night before your event, (1) Cleanse thoroughly, (2) Tighten with a good Mask, (3) Firm with a good Serum (4) Moisturize.  The last day before an event, I do my routine for the last time, but I replace the Mask with a strong astringent toner.  Drink tons of water!
    • 1HAIR-
      • The biggest hair mistake is to try a brand new style or cut that may be too severe before an event.  Regardless of your current style, get a fresh new trim.  Your best hair should always be feminine, shiny and healthy.  If you have a stylist that you trust, it is a little known secret that a few highlights around your face can brighten everything giving you a more youthful appearance.  Go for it!!
    • NAILS-
      • Never go to any event without a Manicure and/or Pedicure.  Based on your fashion decisions, a nude look for the nails is still the best choice.  This is best achieved with Pink & White French tips or a nude lightly toned polish.
    • 2LASHES-
      • Some of you may know that the newest, most innovative look for beautiful eyes are “Lash Extensions”.  It is a revolutionary way to have long sexy lashes that look genuine because they are connected to your own lashes one at a time.  Here is a photo of me getting extensions before a recent event!  The cost can be a bit high, but they last a few weeks, so it is worth the effort.
    • MAKEUP-
      • This is your time to experiment!  Go to every retail store with a Makeup Artist and ask them to show you a few tips (especially for your eyes).   After over 35 years in front of the camera, I have worked with some of the best in the business and they all see your face different than you do.  Once you have a clear vision of the look that you are going for, it is all about making sure that your makeup holds up throughout the event.   Carry your lip gloss, Q-tips, blush and a nice light powder in your bag.
    • Here is where we all need a little advice.  Remember this: “a Red Carpet look must be Head to Toe!”    Skin, Hair, Nails, Makeup, Gown, Spanx, Shoes, Jewelry, Evening Bag…….yes, even Breathe Mints.  We all have our own idea of our best look in clothing, but it is always good to get a few outside opinions.  We all cannot have a stylist, so use your resources.  The internet and social media are there for you.  Find a fashion mentor and follow them.  It can actually be a new adventure on the road to the new beautiful you.  Your closet is a primary source for great clothing, but if you are shopping for the event, remember not to buy without a consult from a very “honest” friend!
    • The “Finale” of it all is your Jewelry!  Don’t over think it and don’t overdo it.   Depending on your choice of Fashion, your jewelry will complete your overall look and you will be remembered for it.  I have styled Celebrities with my Jewelry designs for many different events and not all of the pieces were expensive.  It is about the look and style of the jewelry that is important, not the costs.  Your finished look makes a statement, but your confidence will make everything look even better.  Wear it like you own it…..even if you don’t!




Getting dressed should be one of life’s pleasures, and my job has always been to deliver something special and deserving of your lives. This selection of Winter 17 pieces are designed for those once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. You’ll see opulent hand-painted fabrics, decadent lace and feminine silhouettes. Inspired by my years living in Italy, I was influenced by the stunning town of Taormina, on the east coast of Sicily. I hope you feel inspired by this collection, as much as I was, and find joy wearing each unique piece.

– Sacha Drake

The Return of Glamour

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