Introducing the TVSN Blogger, Sophie!

In January we held a competition on the TVSN Facebook to find the TVSN Blogger.

The winner, TVSN Blogger Sophie wrote about What Soothes Her Soul (you can read it here) and gave us some fantastic tips for Beauty Month with Sleeping Beauty Sophie (you can read it here)

We wanted to let you all know a little bit more about who Sophie is with this Q and A. We hope you Enjoy it!

Let us know what you would like to hear Sophie blog about next!

TVSN: Tell us about your typical day, what are you doing when you’re not shopping on TVSN?

A few years ago, I developed a chronic illness that required having to take indefinite time away from practising as a health professional.  Ironically my health now determines what I do from day to day, so each day is different.  This may include home-based research work, health-related advocacy, or working on developing my beauty blog.

1I love writing (which is subtly obvious..!), and have had a weakness for beauty products since my teenage years, so it’s a perfect combination of two things I love.  Even though I’m mainly at home these days, I still believe that we all deserve to feel good about ourselves – no matter what our situation or lifestyle – and a beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming.  I know personally that I feel better when I take care of my skin and apply a bit of makeup, and as I mentioned in my previous TVSN blog post, it’s something I enjoy.

Taking care of myself remains a priority each day, including good nutrition, gentle exercises, pacing my day with plenty of short rests between work/activities, and ensuring I get outside each day for some relaxation, fresh air and vitamin D.  Having a local beach just a few minutes away is really handy.  I also spend regular time each week with my two little nephews – who keep me on my toes the whole time!



Some of my time each day is spent in the kitchen.  My main focus is preparing as much of my own healthy (but simple) food as possible.  And since getting a KitchenAid for my mum, I started baking for the first time.  I really enjoy making baked treats for giving as gifts and serving to guests, especially at Christmas time.

As cliché as it sounds, these days I just enjoy the simple things in life!

TVSN: Who is your inspiration/role model?

I like to take inspiration from various people and aspects of life.  However my family is usually the first place I go to when I need guidance or advice.  Also since becoming an auntie, I am always conscious of conveying positivity when I am around my nephews.  I think it is so important for children to be surrounded by positivity in a world that is so full of negativity these days.  They are my reminder, and in a sense an inspiration, to stay positive.

In terms of role models, I find people with certain qualities make great role models.  For me, these people show humility and modesty, thoughtfulness and willingness to help others unconditionally, are non-judgemental, and are genuine (“what you see is what you get”) and honest.

TVSN: What’s your favourite TVSN product of all time?

4I have a few favourites, so it’s been difficult to choose!  But I would probably have to say the Carla Oates Glow Inner Beauty Powder.  This product really opened my eyes to the power of fermentation, and although I have tried other probiotic supplements before, the effects from Glow have been (in my personal experience) far more noticeable and wide-ranging.  I have experienced an improvement in my gut health, and my nails and hair seem to be growing faster.  The berry taste is delicious, and I can no longer start my mornings without a glass of Glow!

TVSN: What is your favourite TVSN moment?

I would have to say last year’s live broadcast from Los Angeles, where Geoff Cowan returned to present some of the shows.  I started watching TVSN just after Geoff joined as a presenter, so I had not known TVSN without him.  It was really sad to see him leave, but great to see him back that day, and as full of energy and enthusiasm as ever!   I really hope we see him on TVSN again someday.

TVSN: What is your favourite place in the world?

I haven’t done much international travel, so my destination wish list is growing.  My dream destination is the USA, especially Miami, Los Angeles, New York & Las Vegas.

However I have travelled to a few different places around Australia, and Tropical North Queensland tops my list.  It made me realise just how large our country is, and how diverse the landscape is.  The moment I stepped off the plane in Cairns, I could have easily thought that I had landed in a tropical paradise overseas – like Hawaii or Tahiti.  From the lush green mountains as far as the eye could see, to the most beautiful coastal scenery along the drive to Port Douglas – an amazing town with a relaxed atmosphere and spectacular resorts.

There are so many incredible places to see and visit in Tropical North Queensland, including the Great Barrier Reef, Mossman Gorge, Palm Cove, and the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway – which takes you both over and into some of the most beautiful tropical rainforest landscape.  It is such a breathtaking part of the country that I would go back to any day.


TVSN: What is your favourite TVSN Brand and why?

Oh this is a tough one!  I really tried to narrow it down to one, but couldn’t decide between SKINN by Dimitri James and PUR Cosmetics.

6I love SKINN simply because I get consistent results.  Since first trying SKINN, I have admittedly dipped my toes into other TVSN skin care brands, and have discovered some amazing products within these brands too.  However SKINN is my “comfort blanket” skincare brand – in the past 5 years, I don’t think my bathroom bench top has seen a day without the cleansers, DermAppeal and at least one serum and moisturiser.  And the list of “non-negotiables” is growing as Dimitri keeps bringing out more and more great products.   I watch or record every show – I love Dimitri’s enthusiasm, I love that his brand keeps up with the times and with the changing technology and new ingredients, and the prices remain affordable.  I was one of those people that only used to use expensive department store brands, but since trying out SKINN, I have never looked back.

7I also couldn’t go past PUR Cosmetics – firstly because of the one product that has been in my makeup collection without fail for 9 years – the 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder.  Whether I am time-poor or energy-poor, the 4-in-1 is my go-to product for covering the imperfections on my face without looking cakey or “made up” – and with added bonus of skin care ingredients.

But my love for PUR doesn’t end there!  I love how this brand has evolved to bring us many new and exciting products over recent years, yet they all remain easy and simple to apply.  In addition to the 4-in-1, many of PUR’s newer complexion products have also become staples for me (love the Tinted Moisturiser!), as well as their mascaras.  And I have become a bit of a PUR palette collector!  Without doubt PUR make some of the best palettes I’ve ever used.  I find myself regularly checking PUR’s social media for new products, and always look forward to the next PUR event on TVSN to see what Lynnette is going to bring us!

TVSN: How did you start shopping with TVSN and do you remember the first product you purchased?


My brother and I finally convinced our parents to get Foxtel installed!  One day, I was channel surfing and came across a Diamonesque show.  Online shopping hadn’t really taken off yet, and I’d never bought anything from TV before, but I took the plunge and ordered this Diamonesque ring!   It’s still in excellent condition and continues to be one of my favourite rings to this day.

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