Looks We’re Falling For


We are falling for Autumn fashion here at TVSN, and we think you will be too!

Moda ImmagineWondering what to put on your shopping list this fall? We are showcasing some of the best in Autumn Fashion trends this February on air and online. Make sure you tune in on March 18 and 19 at 8:30am (AEST) for Autumn Fashion Weekend! We’ll introduce you to some of our favourite looks to help you get comfy and cosy this autumn as the crisp breeze brings in an array of new styles to update your wardrobe.

Autumn is the season for layering— it not only keeps you warm, but also makes any outfit you wear more interesting. We have some fresh outfit inspiration to help you layer in style as we slide into the cooler months of the year. For tops, wool is an excellent choice as it breathes better than other fabrics, combine it with a beautifully textured shirt to create a vintage feel that echoes the boho chic influence that is definitely on trend. Add a scarf for warmth, contrast and texture, and boots to help keep both legs and feet cosy and comfortable. These outfits embody a free-spirited charm and style, with a look that is eclectic and unique.


Cadelle Stella Waterfall Jacket

The first months of Autumn in Australia and New Zealand are always a mixed bag so it’s a good idea to have the option of adding light layers to your look. The addition of a leather jacket on top of a light colourful top is always a classic choice for your day to night dressing this season. This look is unique and individual, exuding femininity and colour.

Embrace this seasons must have trend and throw on a Coatigan for a relaxed and effortless style, the perfect jacket for the transition into the cooler months, it’s cozy enough to keep you warm, but lightweight enough for the not-quite-freezing conditions. This style is the perfect mix of a coat and a cardigan, you will get the best of both worlds! Wear this to work or in the evening, and be stylish all day! It might feel a bit disheartening when the days get shorter and nights get darker, we’ve found some colourful and feminine fashion to cheer you up. We’ll show you some bright Autumn tones to help you look and feel great.


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