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Our TVSN Blogger Sophie has been testing some of our favourite products recently. We hope you enjoy her latest Blog Post!

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Cleaning.  It’s a word that can evoke different feelings in each of us.  For some, it’s the thought of an endless, mind-numbing, time-consuming chore that we wish could just take care of itself.  For others, it’s a more enjoyable experience, and even relaxing.  Whatever our attitude towards cleaning, there’s nothing like having a clean tidy house with that feeling of a fresh, dust and dirt-free environment, freshly washed clothes, and a sense of accomplishment when it has been completed.  The time we invest in cleaning should not be in vain, and a significant part of this is determined by the products we use.  I know personally that I want to use products that are easy, convenient, avoid the use of harsh chemicals, and most importantly – they have to work!  These are some of the TVSN products I have been trying recently, which have been created to make the cleaning process more simple and fuss-free, as well as some products which will bring a beautiful fresh aroma throughout the home.

S2O Laundry Detergent Sheets

At first glance, this was one of those products where I felt I had to do a double-take.  Could a product that looked like a pre-moistened wipe actually replace my conventional laundry detergent?  Apparently so, and this is exactly what the S2O Laundry Detergent Sheets are designed to do.  The sheets are infused with the washing detergent, and can be used several ways.  They can either be used as a pre-treatment stain remover, or in place of your regular detergent – 1 sheet for small to medium loads, and 2 sheets for larger loads.  The sheet is placed into the drum of the washing machine together with the load of clothing, and at the end of the wash, you simply remove and dispose of the sheet.  You can also still use your regular detergent, and just add a sheet of S2O in with the clothes for a cleaning boost.

picture 1

I decided to try the laundry sheets on a throw blanket that I have over the couch to protect it.  The blanket essentially takes the brunt of everything on behalf of the couch, and needs a regular wash because it gets quite dirty.  So I thought what better item to test the laundry sheets on.  I still had my doubts about it – would it clean properly like my regular detergent….would I be able to find the detergent sheet at the end of the wash?  The answer to both of those questions was yes.  The detergent sheet performed well, and the blanket was left clean, brighter and fresh smelling.

After my ‘test run’ with the blanket, I decided to try them out on a cold wash cycle of mixed items of coloured clothing – mainly t-shirts, but also a couple of trousers.  One of the trousers was light coloured and had a couple of stains – one was chocolate, the other was baby food. I used a wipe on these stains as a pre-treatment, and the most part of both these stains came out.  After the wash cycle, I checked the trousers – and they were completely stain-free.  As for the rest of the clothes, they were all just as clean and fresh, and again I retrieved the two detergent sheets I used for this particular wash.  For reference, I use a front loading washing machine.

My experience with the S2O Detergent Sheets has been great – they are convenient (no measuring required), space-saving, and can be used multiple ways.

White Magic Reusable Bamboo Towels

I go through paper towels so quickly that I find myself at the end of a roll no sooner than I start a new one.  So the words ‘no more paper towels’ really caught my eye on the packaging of the White Magic Reusable Bamboo Towels.  The towels come in a pack of three at TVSN – two regular, and one with ‘Power Scrub Dots’ (which I will talk about further below).  Each roll contains 20 perforated sheets made of 100% viscose from bamboo, each measuring 30 x 28cm – quite a decent size.  Each towel is designed to be reused up to 85 times, and can be placed in the washing machine at a wash cycle of up to 60 degrees.

picture 2Straight out of the roll, the towels have a texture that reminds me of something between a very thick paper towel and felt.  They are rigid initially, but soften once wet, and also take a softer form after they have been washed.  In their dry state, they are super absorbent – when I wash vegetables and salad ingredients, I tend to splash a lot of water all over the benchtop surrounding the sink, and these absorbed the water quickly and easily.  I also used the towels for general surface cleaning, spraying my surface cleaner and then wiping over.  Usually with a paper towel, I have to throw it away after the first few wipes because they start breaking apart and tearing as they get wet – but not with these towels.

picture 3I then tried out the towels with the ‘Power Scrub Dots.’  These dots give texture to the towel, and have a slight rubberised feel to them, providing friction on surfaces that require extra help with lifting dirt and stains.  I decided to test these out on a couple of different areas inside the oven, using bicarbonate soda (made into a runny paste with water) as the cleaning agent.  I tested a patch on the door of the oven, and another inside the oven, and the towel worked great in helping lift the grime off.  I struggle sometimes to find cleaning tools (sponges, brushes etc) that are suitable for cleaning the inside of the oven without scratching, and the White Magic Bamboo Towels with the Power Scrub Dots worked a treat without scratching or having to scrub really hard.

Overall, I am really impressed with these – not only the durability and reusability, but also the associated reduced wastage of paper towels and therefore less space needed for storage of a large amount of paper towels.



Be Enlightened Triple Scented Candle in ‘Lemongrass’

I adore scented candles.  I love the ambience and atmosphere they create, and I love having a variety of them at any one time, so that I can light a different scent depending on how I’m feeling or what I feel my surroundings need.  For example, if I need something uplifting, or if dinner has left a lingering smell throughout the house, I choose something fresh and citrusy.  On a cold winter’s night, I might go for a warming, comforting scent – something with cinnamon or vanilla.  Other times it might be something floral or fruity to bring a feeling of spring and summer into the house.

I have tried numerous brands of candles – some of them inexpensive, others more high end boutique brands.  Some have been great, others disappointing – irrespective of price.  Either the scent hasn’t come through when the candle is lit, or the scent is smelled nice when the candle was unlit, but not so nice when lit.  So it is really great to see an Australian company like Be Enlightened producing candles that rival high end brands, but without the expensive price tag, and delivering on quality.

picture 4The first thing you notice with Be Enlightened is the beautiful packaging – perfect for gifting.  Inside, the candles themselves are sleek, stylish and minimalist, with clear glass and a silver lid that can be used to rest the candle on and protect surfaces underneath.  And it also prevents dust settling on the surface of the wax when not in use.

The regular size candle is very generous in size compared to other candles I’ve tried, and has up to 80 hours burn time.  It comes with two wicks, which helps the candle melt more evenly to the edges.  The larger, luxury size candle (and large is an understatement!) comes with 6 wicks, and has a burn time of up to 200 hours.  This candle is perfect for the outdoor entertaining area, because not only does it fill the outdoor air with beautiful scent, but the scent also travels into the house as well.  I found the candles burned cleanly, which I find is an important quality that a candle should have, as there is nothing worse than a candle that gives off smoke that overtakes the scent of the candle.

Tpicture 5he Lemongrass scent is as true to the real thing as you can get – it reminds me of freshly cut lemongrass.  It is fresh, uplifting, and is enhanced with undertones of lemon and ginger.  Not only does the house smell so clean and crisp, but you can’t help but feel energised with this scent.  I think it would be perfect for times where concentrated is needed, such as study or work, as I found it brought me a sense of clarity and focus.  And when that cooking smell from dinner just won’t dissipate, lemongrass is usually the first scent I reach for in a candle to help eliminate it and freshen the air, and the Be Enlightened Lemongrass candle captures the scent in the best possible way.

No matter how we feel about cleaning, the types of products we use can make all the difference in the outcome and the time spent cleaning.  S2O and White Magic have produced some convenient, user-friendly and space saving products that actually perform and help eliminate some of the hassles associated with cleaning and washing.  And what better way to finish the cleaning routine than to light a beautiful Be Enlightened candle, put your feet up and relax in the ambience of a fresh clean home.


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