Styling Tips from Charlie Lapson

Greetings from Los Angeles !!   Hope this finds you well and feeling fabulous !!

I’ve been keeping busy with my Hollywood ladies, getting them ready for so many events recently.

Sometimes there are red carpets to prepare for, and other times it’s an intimate gathering of friends and family.  Whichever one they, or you might be attending, we should consider the components of what will be needed to look and feel our best.

Jewellery is an essential part of a woman’s outfit, and it’s important that we give thought in choosing the pieces that will perfectly complement the look.

Charlie styling Carolyn Hennesy 

Sometimes we start with the jewellery when we really want to make a statement, and build the wardrobe around certain special accessories.

I’ve just styled the actress Carolyn Hennesy from True Blood, Cougartown and many TV shows. She was preparing to host the Daytime Emmy Awards and really needed to stand out.  With her beautiful reddish hair as the focal point, I brought a selection of yellow gold jewellery for her to try on.

As she decided on the floral gown, we opted for larger pieces that wouldn’t get lost next to the pattern which had a variety of colours.

carolyn hennesy 2
Carolyn Hennesy winning an Emmy Award while dazzling with Charlie Lapson

The tip is that you should choose 2 or 3 larger statement accessories to wear so it will be seen if the clothing has a lot of detail in the design and pattern.

The good news is that Carolyn looked gorgeous, and she won an Emmy Award … up on stage and all over the media sparkling with Charlie Lapson Jewellery.

I also just worked with a lovely young woman named Reign Edwards.  She’s an actress on The Bold and The Beautiful.  She wanted larger pieces but more open and light.  She has long dark hair and we wanted to be sure that the earrings could be seen.

IMG_1844 - Version 2
Charlie and Reign Edwards of the Bold and the Beautiful

A suggestion I make for people with longer hair is to try to sweep the hair over one ear, and the other side can stay down.  You can make a nice statement with the reveal of an eye-catching earring casually seen through the hair.

If it’s possible to put a clip, pin or comb to have the hair stay over the one ear that would be a big help.

This look is great for casual gatherings where the jewellery is there to support the overall natural image.

Along with this, I suggest using 2 or 3 rings on various fingers instead of just using one ring and one bracelet.

We also did this with Alicia Machado, Miss Universe and TV actress, and she loved the look !

Charlie and Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe and actress

Another request I recently had from a client was to plan an outfit for a dinner amongst girlfriends.  The woman asked me to style her so she could be comfortable, and wear jeans, but she wanted to show her friends that she’s really making an effort to put herself together.

This lovely lady was always taking care of her family first, and never spending time on her image.

I suggested that we purchase a solid black tee shirt, a pair of comfortable dark jeans, and a red long sleeve button front shirt.

I fluffed her blonde hair with some gel and spray, had her try a new shade of pink lip gloss (which she loved) and then on top of the black tee shirt we put a pendant on a silver chain, elongated drop earrings with rubies from my previous collection at TVSN.

401745a6 Charlie Lapson long drop earrings ruby
Diamonesque by Charlie Lapson 1.40ct tw Sim. Diamond & Gem Earrings (#401745) available for $99.95 in Red and Blue

I then added a bangle bracelet and a tennis bracelet stacked together, a unique cushion cut ring on the pointer finger and on the other hand I put a smaller ring on her pinky, then a bold ring on her middle finger.  We found a pair of black shoes in her closet, which she was holding for a

Karla Mosley
Karla Mosley at the Emmy Awards in LA

special occasion, and I said there’s no time like the present… and finished the look with the red shirt worn open.

Something special happened with her… she said this simple makeover gave her the magical boost she needed ! Really, it took very little time to do.  She told me the next day her girlfriends were so impressed and she was floating from the compliments.

Remember to give yourself a few personal style minutes each day. It’s well deserved !!

xxxx Charlie Lapson










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