Springfields Farm

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Springfields Farm at Kulnura in NSW features 20 acres of cultivated gardens, and is renowned for its spectacular flowering plant species; most notably, Camellia, Rose and Lavender.

Springfields grow and extract botanicals for use in their skincare products; some of these botanicals have a traditional use in skin care, others have never been used before. In addition, the company has established its own Research and Development program to explore the skincare applications of the exotic and native plant species which grow on their farm, as well as investigating innovative methods of extracting botanical extracts to maximise their purity and potency.

Springfields goal is to create the freshest, purest skincare on earth!



Springfields Organic Skincare

With this goal in mind, Springfields has created an organic skin care system that provides everything you need to cleanse, balance, hydrate & nourish your skin.

Springfields advanced formulations combine Certified Organic essential oils, Certified Organic botanical extracts and Cold Pressed plant oils for nutrient-rich skin care. The skin is better able to absorb moisture and vital nutrients, which feed and nourish the skin from within. The result is smoother, softer and more youthful skin which radiates with a healthy glow.

Because of its organic base , Springfields skincare is free from artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals. Springfields pure and natural organic skincare regime is extremely gentle, highly effective and safe for all skin types including sensitive skin.


How Healthy Skincare Works

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Springfields organic skincare features the three most popular essential oils for skincare – Lavender, Neroli & Rose

Lavender Soothing Series

Lavender is antiseptic, and calming. Especially recommended for sensitive skin

Neroli Revitalising Series

Neroli has a rejuvenating effect. Neroli is beneficial for dry, dull skin

Rose Rejuvenating Series

Rose has excellent softening and hydrating properties. Recommended for mature, dry and damaged skin


Healthy Skincare Checklist

A healthy approach to skincare is all about what you put on your skin as well as what you avoid putting on your skin.

Here’s our checklist for ingredients you should look out for when choosing healthy skincare:

  • botanical ingredients
  • natural fragrances
  • organically certified ingredients
  • active botanical ingredients that promote the healthy function of the skin
  • pure essential oils that penetrate deeply to deliver positive benefits to your skin
  • cold pressed plant oils to nourish and protect the skin

Avoid the following ingredients which may irritate or even harm the skin:

  • parabens
  • sulphates (harsh foaming agents)
  • artificial fragrances
  • artificial colours
  • unnecessary ingredients
  • synthetic ingredients
  • cheap fillers
  • animal ingredients



Cruelty Free Skincare

Or course, we recommend you choose skincare that is Cruelty Free; this means it has not been tested on animals. Springfields are strongly against animal testing, and do not utilise any animal products whatsoever.


Shop Springfields Now on the TVSN Website




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