5 minutes with Charlie Lapson

Greetings my lovely ladies,

I hope this finds everyone with good reasons to smile as we prepare for the holiday season, New Year’s celebrations and all the festivities going on.

Have you sorted through and organised your outfits for the parties coming up?


Hopefully my sparkly creations will accompany you to the events and bring you lots of compliments !  Perhaps some of the Charlie Lapson Diamonesque in your collection will be the perfect accessory to add a bit of glamour to the office parties, the family gatherings and cocktails with the girls.

Step out of your box a little, have fun and be creative in your look. Enjoy the opportunity to dress up and shine !

As for me, after my last visit to TVSN, I went to Los Angeles for several award shows and styled lots of actresses for the red carpets and also worked on magazine photo shoots and runway shows in NYC and Miami.

Then I was brought out to Iceland as the judge for the Miss Universe Iceland pageant.   Out of hundreds of young women, there were 20 finalists, and we had to narrow it down to the top 3 and choose the next Miss Iceland.

The process is quite extensive because it’s not just based on physical exterior looks, but also the woman’s accomplishments, goals, charitable work, education, communication, contribution to society, and so much more.  Finally after 3 days of interviews and the pageant, the judges crowned the winner.


I was also the official jeweler, so then I began to style the new Miss Iceland for her interviews and photo shoots.

It was an amazing journey, as I went sightseeing around the country and got to enjoy nature and modern creativity in the unique land of the Vikings.

At the same time that was happening, I was on phone calls to people around the world with the other Miss Universe groups, from countries in Africa, to Nepal to Italy, to Honduras, to Cayman Islands, Barbados, Haiti, and many more… all asking for me to style their newly crowned contestants going to Miss Universe in Las Vegas.   There wasn’t any possible way in just 2 months to fly to all the 25 countries that requested my styling and Charlie Lapson jewellery to use for the events.  So, with 15 of them, I had video meetings and planned the outfits and coordinated the jewels, sending photos back and forth to the directors and women participating.

The road to Miss Universe starts when the contestants arrive in Las Vegas almost 3 weeks prior to the actual final pageant event when the crown is placed on the winner.  The clothing of these women can arrive with them, or in shipments coming from their country.  My task of making them sparkle is an integral part of their image, but sometimes I had to do it with seeing some of their outfits only by photo or fabric swatches. Some of the meetings had to include an interpreter to translate to and from English.

During the process, working with all these women from around the globe, it was apparent that they all were strong, smart, hard working, determined individuals.  To them it’s more than just a beauty pageant, it’s showing off their national pride. It’s educating others about their country and customs.  It’s opening people’s minds and hearts to see we are all one and must be treated equally and fairly.


I was asked to create the jewellery for one of the judges, a former Miss Universe, Wendy Fitzwilliam.  It was wonderful working with her again, as I had been a judge on her show called “Caribbean’s Next Top Model.”   I made her 2 statement rings in gold and diamonds, a thin bracelet and a pair of emerald and diamond earrings to complete the look of her buttercream dress.

Then I had the honour to design for the head of the Miss Universe organization. Paula is the President, and had worn my jewellery at the past events.  This year I wanted her to look beautiful and also powerful as the sophisticated leader of the world renown brand.

Overall, the ladies I worked with will go on to empower the next generation of young women, opening doors and creating opportunities globally.  I’m proud to be a part of this event, making them feel  “Confidently Beautiful”

I hope my designs at TVSN also make you feel special, confident, stylish and certainly beautiful

All my best,  Charlie xxxx


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