Red Carpet Ready with Charlie Lapson

Hello from Los Angeles !

The Red Carpets have started in Hollywood, and kicked off with an explosion of fun fashion !!

IMG_0826It’s been a whirlwind for me, getting lots of people ready for award shows, and keeping busy with clients going to the big celebration parties in LA, NY, Miami, Las Vegas and London.
The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, and others brought out a new level of style for women.  The conversation is now about self empowerment and feeling fabulous – being confidant with who you are and showing it as you walk in the room.

Some of the ladies opted for a bit of skin showing with off the shoulder or bare shoulder dresses. Meryl Streep and Kerry Washington stood out and looked very glam with their choices.

IMG_0830Belted midriffs were also noticeable … the trend started last year and has kept going.  Now you can see sashes, belts, and material with assorted novelty stones and ornamentation.  Some had large bows on the waist, and other put their oversized bows on other parts of their outfit. Chrissy Metz did that with her glimmering black gown.
We saw quite a few men’s tuxedo silhouettes and some interpreted into dresses. One standout was Gal Gadot who ruled the red carpet when she appeared and literally all heads turned in the direction of Wonder Woman.

Some ladies were festive with silver sequins, not all over, but in sections, bringing attention to sleeves, legs and sides.

Another trend seen on several, including Angelina Jolie, was feather embellishments.

IMG_0846To add a bit of spice and sex appeal, many of these beauties had sections of sheer fabrics, all perfectly placed.  Some were tonal and others were multi colour blocked.

For the SAG awards and Grammys everyone went for color, in contrast to the Globes where the majority work black.   Dusty pink was a favourite by dozens… some in dresses, some in suits, some in creative costuming.

The jewellery was varied at the different occasions.  Some went more classic with detailed hoop earrings, a tennis bracelet and one bold ring, others stacked up bracelets and had multiple rings on both hands, and lots of chandelier style earrings were noticed.

IMG_0843Pearls made an appearance, including on the world famous tennis star Billie Jean King, as she was there to honour the nominated movie based on her life story.

I know my clients wore more white gold, but there were several stars that noticeably made the switch to yellow gold with accents of rubies and emeralds.

The makeup was fresh and clean, with lots of tones of pink on the lips.  At the Grammy awards, a few girls bumped it up with a two-tone lip, a trend making a comeback and I think we’ll see more of in the coming months.

IMG_0838I’ve been told some inside information and it looks like we’ll catch a bit more light pink and some white dresses as well.  And sheer is a key term.

We’ve still got another 10 Red Carpet events here in Los Angeles in the next 2 months so we can look forward to getting a glimpse of the trends that will be set for 2018-19.

And remember, whatever style ideas you gather from these events and interpret for yourself, always feel fabulous being uniquely you !!


Hugs from Hollywood,

Charlie Lapson

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