Flora Celebrating 10 Years at TVSN

We are very excited to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of Flora at TVSN. We recently sat down with Maria to get to know a bit more about what a probiotic is and why they are important.


What is a probiotic? 

It’s a group of microorganisms that helps clear out harmful microbes from our digestive system and then re-populate with beneficial microbes. Fermented probiotic foods are a scrubber and cleaner for our digestive system. In this way fermented probiotic foods may help support our digestive and immune systems.

Why is gut health so important to our overall health?

So much happens in our gut, it’s where we absorb the nutrients from our foods and fight off bad bacteria, viruses and parasites. It’s even where most of the ‘feel-good’ neuro-transmitter serotonin is located, so the gut also plays an important part in the support of our digestive system, our immune and nervous systems.

What are the essential benefits from taking probiotics? 

Fermented probiotic foods may help support our digestive and immune systems so they help challenge digestive and candida symptoms like bloating, gas, indigestion, heartburn, malabsorption, diarrhoea, constipation and fungal infections.

Is taking a liquid probiotic more beneficial that taking a tablet?

Fermented probiotic foods have been around for centuries: a natural probiotic. We have fermented probiotic foods in liquid or powder form. The body may naturally absorb a fermented probiotic liquid or food more easily than a synthetic probiotic tablet made in the lab. Customers/clients often say the fermented probiotic liquid works better than a tablet.

How often or when is it good for me to take a probiotic?

At least once a day is ideal. It’s much better for our bodies to keep the good biome thriving and the bad bacteria under control. Many people turn to our fermented probiotic foods during or after a course of antibiotics. But if we keep it up all year round it’s a really easy way to support our digestive health and immunity.

What is the difference between the Flora Probiotic Drinks and the Powders? 

The fermented probiotic drinks scrub and clean our digestive system – they may clear out bad bacteria and replenish with good biome, they pave the way for the fermented probiotic powders, which are packed with easily absorbed, high quality, nutrient-dense superfood ingredients containing protein, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes and minerals.

Are there any side effects or can it not be taken with any medication?

So many customers/clients don’t report any side effects but others do have symptoms similar to any type of detox. Flu-like symptoms are signs the body is clearing out toxins, viruses and bad bacteria. But these can be minimised with a review of dosages. If you have any doubts please consult your GP or health professional/specialist.

How does the fermentation process happen? 

Our fermented probiotic foods contain naturally occurring Lactobacillus bacteria.

The Lactobacillus bacteria starts consuming and breaking down the superfood ingredients, leaving a pre-digested fermented food, so nutrients are readily available for us to absorb and digest easily.

Why is Lactobacillusbacteria used?

It helps alter the pH level in the gut to produce high levels of lactic acid.  The lactic acid in the gut is what may clear out bad bacteria, moulds, mould spores and viruses. The enzymes within the fermented foods also pre-digest the nutrients making it really easy for us to absorb.

What can happen if we don’t take a probiotic?

The bad bacteria can take over our digestive system and cause an imbalance.

And too many of the bad guys can lead to digestive problems such as bloat, indigestion, heartburn, pain, gas, constipation, diarrhoea and even candida overload symptoms like thrush, allergies, fungal nails, itchy skin and urinary tract infections.

Who can take a probiotic?

Anyone can take a fermented probiotic food.  Fermented probiotic foods are a natural way to restore balance in our digestive system and a great way to counteract the negative influences of our modern lifestyle and diet.

One thought on “Flora Celebrating 10 Years at TVSN

  1. I have been tough on my body through my life. Nearly died of anarexica. But I can’t go a day with out this drink. I suffer from ibs and it is the only thing out on the market place that helps me from day to day basis. I love the taste and I am proud that I found this most important part of my life. I went off it for a couple of yrs. Tried other brands. They did not do anything for my belly. Maria talked about the belly being the second brain. She is absolutely right. If you have belly troubles it effectives your whole life. I found my skin hair and benefits and compliments. But it what you put in your gut shows your mind body and soul. Thank you darling lady from the bottom of my heart for bringing this to us to enjoy at tvsn xx Love you sandra

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